Metropolitan Takeover of Karakoyun Junction, Work Accelerated

karakoyun junction buyuksehir took over work accelerated
karakoyun junction buyuksehir took over work accelerated

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality teams, who took over the Karakoyun Bridge Interchange project with the instructions of Mayor Beyazgül, accelerated their work in the field in order to prevent the citizens from having trouble in transportation after stopping the works.

Sanliurfa traffic to a large extent and will be relieved by the Metropolitan Municipality Karakoyun Interchange Junction studies accelerated by the instructions of President Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül. Previously, the contractor in the construction of the bridge junction of the contractor with the withdrawal of the project taken over by the Metropolitan Municipality teams, additional road construction work continues. President Beyazgül investigating the intersection of the bridge, all teams working together will finish the intersection as soon as possible, he said.


Emphasizing that the project should be completed as soon as possible, Mayor Beyazgül stated that bir Karakoyun Köprülü Interchange a year ago, the contractor had applied to the liquidation committee because he thought it had been damaged. He waited for a long time in the liquidation committee. After he returned from the liquidation committee, he was interviewed by the contractor and asked whether he would continue. The contractor said that he had been harmed and that he had to be liquidated by the Metropolitan Municipality. We have stated that we will not liquidate, but should continue. When the contractor did not continue, we signed the protocol and stated that we undertook the rest of the work. We have recorded all these with the protocol ”.

He added that the construction of the intersection of the bridge will be completed before the feast. Beyaz After that, it will be completed by the Metropolitan Municipality. Hopefully before the feast will be opened to the service of our citizens in Sanliurfalı. On the one hand, while the Department of Science Works works with all the construction machines, on the other hand, the General Directorate of ŞUSKİ works. After a feverish study, we will open this place to the service of Urfa. Already good, get lucky. Ols

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