Bus Permit for Folding Bicycles in Izmir

bus permit for folding bicycles in izmir
bus permit for folding bicycles in izmir

Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed important projects to make İzmir a “bicycle city,, is starting a new application. From August onwards, 26 will be able to travel on public buses with folding bicycles at certain times.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality removes the barriers for cyclists to benefit from public transportation one by one in order to promote and encourage the use of bicycles in the city. Within the framework of the decision taken by ESHOT General Directorate, bicycle users will be able to benefit from public transportation service with folding bicycles in certain time zones starting from August 26.

Accordingly, during the week between 09.00-16.00 and 21.00-06.00 hours, weekends and public holidays, the city bus will be able to ride the bikes folded all day.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in recent years with the arrangements made by the rail system and sea transport provided the benefit of the bicycle passengers, some buses have mounted special apparatus for the transport of non-folding bicycles.

Sample city in bicycle transportation
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which turns to environmentalist transportation models in order to find a solution to traffic density and contribute to the exit from the climate crisis, carries out important studies to popularize the use of bicycles in the city. to the city kazanThe increased use of bicycles with the introduction of the new bicycle paths and bicycle rental system “BİSİM” accelerated with the encouragement of the citizens of Izmir to bicycle transportation by frequently choosing bicycles in urban transportation instead of the official car, by Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer. kazanwas. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality plans to increase the existing bicycle path in the city to 2030 kilometers by 453, to provide access to the inner parts of the city by bicycle, and to increase the access of bicycle stations to the rail system networks and transfer centers. İzmir was also selected as the leading city in the EU-supported "Come on Turkey Cycling" project.

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