Izmir will be born from the ashes

to be born from izmir servants
to be born from izmir servants

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has started a campaign to cover the wounds of one of the biggest fires in İzmir.

Upon the invitation of İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, thousands of İzmir people flocked to the Izmir Gathering held in the burning area of ​​Menderes Efemçukuru in order to see the disaster in place and to take the necessary decisions together.

The people of Izmir, 18 came together on Sunday to cover the wounds of the fire which started in Karabağlar on August, then spread to Menderes and Seferihisar region and determined to affect a forest area of ​​5 thousand hectares. İzmir Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer invited all İzmir people by saying koru Come, see, protect erek both in order to see the disaster in place and to ensure the participation of the people in the decisions to be taken. .

Izmir will be born from the ashes

Thousands of people who were not silent to the invitation of President Soyer, "Izmir will be born from the ashes", "Ash in our forests will grow again", "We came, we saw, we will protect," he flocked to the event in the burning area. CHP Deputy Chairman Responsible for Nature Rights Gülizar Biçer Karaca, Izmir deputies, mayors, İzmir Bar Association, muhtars, professional chambers, non-governmental organizations and citizens showed great interest in Izmir Gathering during the Gezi Park protests, the mother of Ali Ismail Korkmaz Emel and his father Şahap Korkmaz, Deniz Gezmiş's older brother Bora Gezmiş also joined. Representatives of the Chamber of Surveying and Cadastre Engineers who entered the field by singing the song ın Believe in Children aç opened the banner saying ız We will be born from our ashes, we will write a new story ”.

We claim the cherished memory of our ancestors

Tunç Soyer, the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, who made the opening speech of the “Ormanİzmir, meeting, thanked all İzmir people who participated in the mobilization and said, Gel 'Come, see, protect'. You have come, you have seen, our belief that we will protect. Today 30 August. Our ancestors died without blinking their eyes so that we could live in peace in this fertile, beautiful land, and recorded the history as an unforgettable victory. I greet you with affection for your saintly memory and for coming together to protect these lands today. Today we will make a very significant beginning for Turkey to Izmir, "he said.

We did not come together to comfort our conscience

Mayor Soyer underlined that they experienced a great disaster with the fire. “The burning area is called 500 hectare, but we know that 5 burned more than a thousand hectares. We will do our best to protect this area. We're never gonna get a square meter of zoning. We will stand before them like a steel armor. We will finalize all the suggestions and ideas of our citizens at the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality council meeting. The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality council is the most competent elected decision-making body of Izmir. Our mobilization is not a whim. 'Let's plant a tree conscience relax' he did not come together. Here we will decide how to protect İzmir forests, how to protect the burning areas and what we will do to avoid such disasters. Our conscience will relax by not only planting a sapling, but by cooperating with the unity and strength of this land. Because only in this way can we leave a future for our children and grandchildren to be proud of. U

No politics of the forest

Mayor Soyer continued his speech as follows: ız Our forests are the common value of all of us. Our Ministry of Forestry, our Governor, by protecting the forests from Izmir to Izmir, working together with other public institutions and organizations will give a good lesson to all of Turkey. We will hold these lands together, hand in hand. I am proud to be from Izmir. He knows how to be born from the ashes of Izmir ”.
CHP Vice President Responsible for Nature Rights Gülizar Biçer Karaca made a short speech and said, görmek It was a hope for all of us to see this sacrifice in İzmir for the rights of our nature. The first ash rising from Izmir in Turkey will be hoping all together, "he said.
Özkan Yücel, the President of Izmir Bar Association, said that if they need to be asked to account for those who burn the areas deliberately or neglected, they will have two hands on their sides.

Experts spoke

After President Soyer's speech, experts on the subject made an informative presentation to the citizens. Chamber of Agricultural Engineers Tevfik Türk reminded that the ecosystem was severely damaged by the fire and that these areas should be checked for protection from mines and different land uses instead of planting saplings.

Izmir Chamber of Forest Engineers President Sabahattin Bilge, said that by the end of February, the fire area should be cleaned from the burning trees. Istanbul University Faculty of Forestry Professor. Doğanay Tolunay is the 169 of the Constitution of the burning forest areas. recalling that it is obligatory to recycle into the forest, “As soon as the burnt dried trees need to be cleaned from the area. The process is accelerated if the Metropolitan Municipality supports these works with the necessary equipment and tools. There is no need to plant trees again, or do afforestation campaigns here. If we use the seeds of old trees, a spontaneous forest is formed here. The best solution is to leave nature to itself. What we have to do is to prevent the fire. Our municipality can make public awareness activities. Helicopters and airplanes are important when the first fire breaks out, but what is important to extinguish the fire is intervention from the ground. The municipality and the ministry can cooperate on this issue. ”

Mayor Soyer shared details of the campaign

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunc Soyer, experts spoke to citizens and children listened to one after the speeches. Some citizens express their feelings in tears, while a girl named IZELMAN kindergarten student named Doger Soyer'dan seedlings for each child asked to be planted. Mayor Soyer, who gave information about the campaign of citizens' speeches in Izmir, said: tik We have identified an area of ​​3 thousand 800 hectares in our city where we can afforest. We will make a request from the related institutions to turn these places into forests. In 2020 we are candidate to become the European green capital. We will include our work in the strategic plan. We will coordinate the good works to be done in İzmir and prevent it from turning into sand grains in the desert. 9 We are starting a donation campaign with a concert in September. Our artists will not earn revenue from this concert. İzmir residents will be able to watch the concert by donating 10 lira. We will make a decision to organize a donation campaign in our Assembly. After the decision we will send to the approval of the Governor. 9 In September, we will put a map of the lands where we will plant afforestation in the concert area. Whoever wants to plant trees can donate. Again with the donations we will make water pools in the forests where helicopters will take water. We will build a fire station in our villages. We will turn our children into an open-air museum, which will enable them to see and fulfill a fire. We will establish a forest school and provide forest volunteer training. We will cover the losses to our 278 grower affected by the fire by taking a decision at the 9 assembly meeting on September. We'il plant a sapling for every born child. The people of İzmir will grow with their trees ”.
After the İzmir Gathering, world-famous pianist Gülsin Onay gave a short concert. After the concert, the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Council convened with an extraordinary agenda.

Some suggestions and thoughts on the agenda of “Ormanİzmir Meeting::

Fon The funds created should be used for pre-fire training activities. Establish a unit for the development of forest engineering in the municipality ”.

“Burn areas to be the absolute protection zone. The mining council in the region should be banned by a decision meclis.

Yağmur Establish rainwater basin in forest areas ”.

Kent Urban gardens should be established in the city and greening work should be done ”.

Yerel Establish local fire departments in fire-sensitive areas ”.

İzmir Let Izmir Forest Week be held in April ”.

Yer Make a place for the volunteers who want to work voluntarily in the field of fire and set up a voluntary organization ”.
R Let the painters paint on the burning trees and support the donation campaign by selling them ”.

Beslenme Nutritional support should be given to the rapid growth of the living organisms in the burning forest area ”.

Karşıyaka burned area on a forest the size of the county

According to the calculations made by the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers based on satellite data obtained from the area after the fire, a three-day fire affected a 5 thousand hectare forest area. 5 thousand 3 of the thousand hectares area is in heavy burn class. In the remaining area of ​​approximately 500 hectares, there is secondary combustion. The length of the fire line from north to south is calculated as 1500 kilometers. This calculation is approximate. Karşıyaka means that a large area (5 thousand 110 hectares) burned up the district.
A comparison with the districts to understand the size of the burned forest area is that Balçova (2 thousand 125 hectares) of forest loss, Bayraklı (3 thousand 426 hectares) and Narlıdere (4 thousand 461 hectares) showed that the districts are more than the surface area. As a result of the disaster, about two Balçova districts or Karşıyaka It turned out that a forest the size of the area burned.

9 Solidarity concert in September

A solidarity concert will be held in İzmir for the protection of forests in 9 September. Haluk Levent, Halil Sezai, Gripin, Niyazi Koyuncu, Hayko Cepkin, Oğuzhan Uğur, Anıl Piyancı, Serap Yağız and Gazapizm will participate in the forest concert. The income from the entrance fees of the concert, which will start at 18.30 at Kültürpark, will be used for the protection of İzmir forests.

Came with wheelchair

Gündüz Koçak, aged 67, who participated in the event with his wheelchair, stated that he found this campaign of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality very positive and said, ken Everywhere had been ash. We still smell the ash. But Izmir will be reborn from the ashes. Our forests with ash will be green with the saplings we plant. ”

We are ready to work

Thursday Evening Cyclists came to Efemçukuru Devedüzü Mevkii by bicycle. Billur Dulkadir said that they came from Menderes to support the campaign with a challenging track and said, yang We used this track before the fire and came to this area by watching the lush nature. I'm so sorry I cried when I saw the burning trees. But we're not giving up. We came here again with the call of our Izmir Metropolitan Mayor. If necessary, working as a worker in the burning areas, maybe our children can not see, but we are ready to flourish our burning forests for their children. It is our duty to realize this..

They left carnations and roses for dead creatures.

Seferihisar Animal Friends Association left the field with carnations and roses for the burning trees and creatures. Fevziye Özkan, the president of the association, said, la With our burning trees and dying creatures, our lungs were burned. We will do our best to protect these beautiful forests. ”

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