İzmir 2030 Transportation Plan Discussed

İzmir 2030 Transportation Plan Discussed
İzmir 2030 Transportation Plan Discussed

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality shared İzmir's 2030 Transportation Plan with representatives of district municipalities and related non-governmental organizations. Public transport, pedestrianization and bicycle projects to be realized in the first five years were the focus of the discussions.

The applications to be implemented by 2030 Transportation Plan which was established by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in the first five years were shared with the deputy mayors of the district and related non-governmental organizations. Public Transportation, pedestrianization and cycling projects came to the forefront at the meeting held in the historic Elevator Building under the supervision of Deputy Secretary General of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eser Atak, and the views of civil society representatives were taken.

Non-motorized transport projects stand out

In the 2030 Transportation Plan, especially the non-motorized transportation moves attract attention. Enriched with new bicycle paths and pedestrian areas, the plan envisages the 15 mileage pedestrian area and the 215 mileage pedestrian priority road. 30 speed limit will be applied to the streets determined by Konak, Karşıyaka, Buca, Bornova, Balçova'da priority regions were selected.

A significant portion of the 2030-kilometer bike path, targeted for 784, will be implemented in the first five years. 42 percent of the population will be able to use bicycle paths. Bayraklı-The uninterrupted cycle path between Alsancak will be implemented with the help of a bicycle bridge. New bicycle parks are planned to be built at 741 points. The existing 35 BISIM stations will be increased to 85 at the end of the first five years and to 2030 by 168. BİSİM's 500-cycle fleet will reach 5 in the first 1250 years and then 2500. The number of bicycle parking spaces in parking lots will increase from 215 to 1000.

Increasing 2,5 floor by rail transport

Transportation Within the scope of the main plan, it is planned to increase the rail system line that reaches 177,7 kilometers to 465 kilometers. The 2,5 rail system will increase the number of 4 million passengers per day. With the investments made, the city's accessibility to rail systems will increase from 42 percent to 72 percent. Narlıdere line under construction, Çiğli-AOSB-Katip Çelebi Tram and Buca-Üçyol Metro are among the investments planned to be completed within the first 5 year.

The share of maritime transport increases

A new pier is planned to be built in Mavişehir for the first time in maritime transportation in accordance with the identity of İzmir's port city. There will be domestic and international flights from this pier. With the arrival of two new car ferries, the number of car ferry services will increase. Mansion, Karşıyaka, Bostanlı piers modernization according to the new zoning plan, maintenance, construction of ponds and the use of Bostanlı Fisherman's Shelter will be strengthened operating infrastructure.

18 reduction in carbon emissions

Within the framework of all targets, considering the benefits of the plan in the medium and long term, a reduction of 4 percent in private vehicle use was envisaged. Rail system use is also expected to increase twice. Under the plan, 2030 is expected to reduce 18 by a percentage of carbon dioxide emissions that cause a climate crisis during peak hours of morning traffic.

The İzmir Transportation Plan aims to reduce the dependence on cars, promote a system that promotes non-motorized transportation by supporting bicycle and pedestrian transportation, and focuses on public transport and takes into account environmental impacts. A participatory and transparent plan is aimed at creating public health and safety, supporting economic development, protecting disadvantaged groups.

Who attended the meeting?

The meeting, which was hosted by Eser Atak, Deputy Secretary General of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mert Yaygel, Head of Transportation and Mehmet Ergenekon, Rail Systems Department, Narlıdere, Buca, Gaziemir, Bayraklı, Balcova, Cigli, Karabaglar, Konak, Bornova, Karşıyaka and Guzelbahce Municipality Vice Presidents, Chamber of City Planners, Chamber of Geological Engineers, Chamber of Environmental Engineers, Chamber of Civil Engineers and Izmir Chamber of Architects, Pedestrian Association, BISUDER, Bogazici Proje AS and Traffic Radio was featured.

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