Inspiring Projects of Lighting Design, İstanbulLight 3. Speaking at the Lighting Design Summit

inspiring projects of lighting design will be discussed at istanbullight lighting design summit
inspiring projects of lighting design will be discussed at istanbullight lighting design summit

20-21 Our country, which has the world's first illuminated avenue in Antakya in the antiquity, 3-XNUMX will be organized in IstanbulLight fair in September. It will host world-famous lighting designers at the Lighting Design Summit. At the summit, inspiring project experiences on lighting design will be shared.

A small shop, a gigantic shopping center, a home, office, museum or airport, no matter where in the world, no matter what they are designed for, needs lighting. Because light is an important force that determines how a place is experienced as well as a need to see, and at the same time adds an aesthetic visuality to it. The adventure of enlightenment, in which human beings began with the aim of warming by burning fire, obtaining light, protection from wild animals, has become an art that integrates with architectural designs in today's technology, adds meaning to it, and puts the ones that are wanted to be emphasized in the foreground and camouflaged the desired ones.

The future of lighting design continues to evolve into intelligent lighting systems that are smart, cost-effective and contribute to the decoration or architecture of spaces, leaving traditional solutions behind in light of emerging technologies. Lighting design, which arises from the combination of technology and design, is becoming widespread in our country as in the world as a profession. Aiming to increase its competitiveness with the world, our country has recently focused on high value-added production and special and special order production.

Inspiring Projects in Lighting Design, 3. IstanbulLight Lighting Design Summit
Having the world's first illuminated street in Antakya in ancient times, our country will host world-renowned lighting designers at the Lighting Design Summit to be held on September 20-21 as part of the IstanbulLight fair. To be held at Istanbul Expo Center, IstanbulLight, 12th International Lighting & Electrical Equipment Fair and Congress hosted the Summit; Jason Bruges Studio, Liz West Studio, ONOFF Lighting, LAB.1, Arup, ZKLD Light Studio, Sevenlights, PLANLUX, MCC Lighting will host lighting designers and professionals from companies such as Lighting, NA Light Style, SLD Studio, Dark Source, Steensen Varming - UTS, The Lighting Institute and August Technology as speakers. The latest trends in lighting design, inspiring projects and new approaches in design will be discussed at the Summit. .

British designer Jason Bruges to share his latest research on urban-scale robotics interventions
London Artist Jason Bruges, who uses high-tech, mixed media palette to explore landscape, time-based interventions and dynamic spatial experiences while combining architecture with interactive designs, is among the keynote speakers at the Lighting Design Summit. In his presentation, Yeni Upcoming New Spatial Experiences, Bruges Bruges will present Jason BrugesStudio's various projects and processes, including some of his recent research on robotics interventions on an urban scale. His most recent projects include extensive experience of the Dark Life exposition at the Natural History Museum in London, and an interactive digital awning for Dallas Love Field Airport in Texas.

Artist Liz West seeks to create an enthusiastic sensory awareness in the audience
Liz West, who produces a wide range of works of art that includes field-specific installations, sculptures and wall-based artworks, is an artist who creates vibrant environments that mix bright colors with bright lights. The British artist, the founder of Liz West Studio, who will make a very special presentation entitled "Your Perception of Color" at the summit, aims to create an enthusiastic sensory awareness in the audience in her works. West deals with how psychological and physical responses to color are stimulated, while playing with colors, revealing their spatial order, density and composition. The artist's Iri-Descent work, arranged hanging of 150 skeleton-frame cubes in the courtyard of the historic Fortnum & Mason store in Piccadilly, is among the works that have recently attracted attention in the design world.

Where does the future of museum lighting projects go?
The museums, which are generally huge gigantic spaces, have very special illuminations both with their structures and the artifacts they contain. The founders and designers of SLD Studio Duygu Çakır and Gürden Gür will present their experiences in the field of exhibition lighting design and ongoing museum projects based on the “Antrepo 2019 - MSGSÜ Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum” project, which will be opened to visitors at the end of 5. The studio's ongoing and ongoing projects include Dalaman Airport New International Terminal, TC Ulan Bator Embassy, ​​Çimtaş Management Building, Quasar Istanbul and Torun Center Multi-Purpose Complex, METU Research Park, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Office and Culture Park, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Museum , MSGSÜ Antrepo 5 Painting and Sculpture Museum.

Are you ready to embark on an inspiring journey of light?
He was born and grew up in Turkey and designers who continue their lives in the moment in Sydney, artists and academics Emrah Baki Ulas, in the light of art, architecture, historic places and is considered an authority on the use of urban planning. The artist, who has led hundreds of lighting projects and has won numerous awards, is a partner at Steensen Varming, a faculty member at the University of Technology and a respected firm in the field. Emrah Baki Ulaş, known for his self-critical and philosophical approaches to lighting design, will take participants on an inspiring journey from nature to technology, from evolution to destruction and from reality to illusions and how light is connected to everything around us.

In fact, how urban spaces designed for daytime adapt to the night?
Cities are now active at night beyond the day. So how do urban spaces that are designed for daytime adapt to the night? Şebnem Gemalmaz is a Stockholm-based lighting designer who manages Arup Lighting Design Department in Istanbul. ARUP is architectural, plan and engineering services company, which has 35 offices and 92 employees in the 14 country, She completed her master's degree in lighting design at Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and worked for the Stockholm Municipality with two urban projects as guidance for Stockholm Lighting Master Plan. With her presentation titled Beyond the Visible: Cities and Lighting Şebnem Gemalmaz will focus on the new definitions and concepts in the field of nighttime cities via focusing on lighting masterplans Arup finalized in recent years.

Does Lighting Design increase brand value?
The designer Başak Okay Tekir, who participated in the Lighting Design Summit from Planlux Lighting Design, has experience in many projects with different contents such as hotels, shopping centers, monuments, offices, cinemas and sports halls. In particular, the design development and project management, senior lighting designer is an expert on the subject, in many cities of Turkey and "everyone" to macfit the concept of a health club designed for the project, including as a lighting designer, lighting design, which ensures that an important part of the brand. With the presentation of “MACFit Sports Halls: Lighting Design as a Corporate Identity ecek to be held on the first day of the Lighting Design Summit, Başak Okay Tekir, despite its rapid project design processes and low budget requirements, maintains a sustainable lighting scheme that considers basic lighting quality needs and follows practical solutions. share details and experiences.

How does lighting design become a recognized profession?
Yenal Gül, who has worked with MELA in shaping future regulations with her current role in OSRAM's leading Dynamic Lighting Division for East and Africa, does not recognize herself as a diplomat, entrepreneur, engineer and leader. Yenal, whose ultimate goal is to make lighting design a well-known profession, will talk about the efforts of all professionals in the sector to increase lighting literacy and to increase the market from manufacturer to designer through the Lighting Institute, the First Lighting Design School in the Middle East and Africa.

How should hotel lighting be?
We travel short or long for business or leisure. As the goals and travelers diversify, architectural design, solution and editing naturally change with these parameters. And of course the architectural design and lighting of a hotel designed for a holiday and a hotel designed for business in the center of the city are not alike. Nergiz Arifoğlu, the founder of NA Light Style, who pioneered the establishment of the first office for Brand Independent Lighting Design with the idea that design should be done without being connected to the companies, has recently taken part in the dı Hotel, Architecture and Lighting Designer ”presentation in the Z Hotel, Architecture and Lighting Designer” presentation. The hotel shares its thoughts and experiences on the interaction of accommodation and light. Nergizoğlu is actively involved in all activities as a member of the Board of Directors of the Turkish National Committee for Lighting.

Human Oriented Lighting: Marketing or real?
Lawyer and Industrial Lighting Design Engineer origin Emre Sun, a name with a lot of initiative in the first place in the lighting design field Turkey. At that time, in 2005 Turkey's first and only architectural lighting design magazine PLD Located in the publication process in Turkey and currently holds the chief editor Sun, which introduced innovative lighting technology with Turkey market in August founder of Technology. LIGA bearing the brand of undertaking the task of worldwide business development director Emre sun, the architectural lighting design in Turkey to be accepted as a profession, know their contribution to the promotion of sektörünnitelig. At the Lighting Summit organized within the scope of IstanbulLight, Güneş will define the relationship between light and health with the findings of science and the question that the sector seeks to answer is “Human Oriented Lighting: Marketing or Real? Focus on the answer to your question.

Historic buildings, lighting projects return to their old glorious days
Historic buildings come to life again with the hands of lighting designers and return to their old glorious days. the current state of historical buildings in the conservation and restoration title, significance and farklılaştırıyor.türkiye need to design processes and solutions and to Germany in the mission field Seven Lights in various projects' tan Seda Sezer said, "Lighting masterplan historical illumination from a new perspective" on different scales in Istanbul at the presentation and compare lighting design processes of historical buildings of the type and share their experiences.

At no stage of human existence has the night been as dominant as it is today.
Kerem Ali Asfuroğlu, who has the title of Kor Dark Protector ”, has worked on many projects such as Covent Garden and Battersea Power Station Masterplans, City Point, Shakespeare's New Place and Medius House. Asfuroglu, who established Dark Source lighting design and content studio that focuses on social and environmental values ​​at 2019, is the recipient of many awards such as Red Dot, PLDC, LAMP and so on. The Dark Source, a comic book that encourages us to look at our relationship with light from a dark perspective, was awarded the title of usu Dark Protector ID by IDA for its services aimed at defending darkness at 2017. Asfuroğlu, who will follow the enthusiasts of the dark enthusiasts at the Lighting Design Summit, will talk about the journey of his son, who has never mastered the night at any stage of his existence, and the thin line between light and dark.

A lighting designer essentially designs darkness
For the last hundred years, we have been modernizing by bringing light and lighting to every corner of the Earth. But unfortunately in the last 20 years we have met new concepts such as light pollution by missing the measure of lighting use. “A lighting designer essentially designs darkness, tasarımcı said designer Ali Berkman in his presentation mak Designing darkness bir on the one hand, calling you to come closer and friendly with the“ darkness uğ you fear, and on the other hand he will share with you what he cares about when designing the dark. Held in the lighting design field in London Lighting Design Awards 40 years Located between six 40 lighting designer Ali Berkman, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Congo, Senegal, Qatar and assume different scales and project lighting design on the xnumx'n the typology in Dubai ONOFF Lighting Design Founder of. He lectures on lighting design as a lecturer in the Interior Architecture Department of Haliç University.

What happened during the illumination process of the 26 duty free shop at Istanbul Airport?
Mustafa Akkaya, a professional member of IALD at the beginning of the year 2019, was selected as one of the 40 lighting designers under the 40 under age lighting design award in the same year. ZKLD Studio undertook the lighting design consultancy of the project, which consists of a total of 53 stores, which includes many different details and concepts. Akkaya will share the details of 2 year-long challenging process with the presentation of “Istanbul Airport - UNIFREE / Duty Free Stores”.

Entrepreneur Candidate Young Designers Will Find the Answer to Your Questions
Entrepreneurship has been a popular and developing business in our country especially in the last 10 year. We will listen to the founding story of a lighting design office from Canan Baba, the founder of MCC Lighting and Funda Ataylar, who previously worked together at Philips Aydınlatma. Ve We Design Lighting. An Entrepreneurship Story hopes to answer questions in the minds of young designers with such intention by sharing ”how they illuminate their way through their presentations olan.

ArchIST Awards For Interior Design 2019 First Prize Project: “Istanbul Kültür University, Press Express Campus”

The interior of the new campus of Istanbul Kültür University on the press express way was designed by Modern Architects, while lighting design consultancy was provided by LAB.1. Faruk Uyan, founder of LAB.1, which provides services in lighting and energy design / consultancy, presented his project and processes that won the first prize in the “Educational and Cultural Buildings” category at the ArchIST Awards For Interior Design 2019 organized in 2019. University, Press Express Campus ”. Uyan has been the lighting designer of many large scale domestic and international projects in different companies where he has been working as a lighting designer and won international awards with his projects.

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