Rail System Length in Istanbul to Increase to 454 Milometers

length of rail system in istanbul
length of rail system in istanbul

When the 221,7 kilometer rail system is under construction in Istanbul, the length of the rail system in the city will reach 233,05 kilometer with the existing 454,75 kilometer section.

In order to reduce the traffic density of Istanbul, the rail system is given importance. As of today, 233 kilometer long rail system provides public transportation services in the city. Currently, the construction of the 221 kilometer rail system is underway. The work is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. With the commissioning of these lines, it is aimed to increase the city's subway system to 454,75 kilometers. In addition, it is planned to determine the priority lines of the rail system metro lines and start the tender. The status of the rail system lines, which were tendered but stopped due to some reasons, which are partially under construction and which have never been started, is being reviewed. It is considered that these projects will be put into practice again within the framework of a new program by evaluating new financial resources and discussing with the firms that have undertaken the work. These lines are aimed to be completed and commissioned quickly.



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