Istanbul Izmir Highway Opened

Some steps of Istanbul highway
Some steps of Istanbul highway

Istanbul Izmir Motorway Opened: New sections are being put into service within the scope of the giant Istanbul Izmir Motorway Project, which will shorten the gap between Istanbul and 3.5. Balıkesir - Edremit Separation - İzmir Section Saruhanlı Junction and Kemalpaşa Junction and Kemalpaşa Junction - Karasuluk Junction which was completed construction were decided to be opened to traffic.

Turkey's most important highway projects, among which will reduce the inter located Istanbul-Izmir in a period of 3.5 hours Gebze Orhangazi İzmir (İzmit Gulf Included Crossing Bridge and Access Roads) covered highway project had given Ministry approval for the new stage opening. With the newly opened 192 km section, the fully opened Istanbul Izmir Highway will make Izmir a very popular city during the weekend thanks to fast transportation.

Map of Istanbul Izmir Highway:

Istanbul Izmir Motorway

The part of the İzmir-Istanbul highway project, which is among the important pillars, was opened to traffic. The decision to open traffic for the Saruhanli Junction, Kemalpasa Junction and Kemalpasa Junction - Karasuluk Junction of Balikesir - Edremit Junction - Izmir Section, which was completed, was published in the Official Gazette as follows:

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of Highways:

Completed within the scope of the Gebze - Orhangazi - İzmir (Izmit Gulf Crossing Bridge and Connection Roads) Motorway, which was tendered by Build-Operate-Transfer model; (Balıkesir - Edremit) Distinction - İzmir Section Between the Saruhanlı Junction and Kemalpaşa Junction (Km: 339 + 603,31-389 + 647,17) and Kemalpaşa Junction - Karasuluk Junction (Km: 389 + 647,17 - 408 + 654,59) 6001. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure approved by the Ministry of Transport.

6001. 15. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure was approved by the Ministry of Transport.

  1. This segment of the motorway will be opened to 01.12.2018 date and time: 00: 01.
  2. Access to and from the Motorway is prohibited except for certain locations (Bridge Interchanges, Toll Collection Stations, etc.) and conditions. It is forbidden to open, demolish, interrupt and otherwise disrupt these barriers, as the wires or walls installed along the highway boundary line are installed to prevent such exits.
  3. Access to this section, which is opened to traffic as a controlled highway, pedestrians, animals, motorized vehicles, rubber wheeled tractors, construction machinery and bicyclists are prohibited from entering.
  4. The minimum required speed is 40 km / h and the maximum speed is the limits allowed by geometric standards. (Max. 120 km./hr)
  5. It is forbidden to stop, park, return and go back in this section and intersections which are opened to traffic as Accessible Highway. In obligatory cases, the right-most safety band (Bank) can be used.
  6. If the establishments with the fronts of the motorway want to put their boards on the buildings they carry out their activities, they must obtain permission from the General Directorate of Highways and the Company.
  7. Transition of Dangerous and Chemical Carrying Vehicles from the Belkahve Tunnel between Saruhanlı Junction and Karasuluk Junction (Km: 339 + 603,31 - 408 + 654,59) is prohibited.
  8. Completed within the scope of the Gebze - Orhangazi - İzmir (Izmit Gulf Crossing Bridge and Connection Roads) Motorway, which was tendered by Build-Operate-Transfer model; (Balıkesir - Edremit) Distinction - İzmir Section Contract for the construction, maintenance and operation of the Saruhanlı Junction and Kemalpaşa Junction (Km: 339 + 603,31 - 389 + 647,17) and Kemalpaşa Junction - Karasuluk Junction (Km: 389 + 647,17 - 08 + 654,59) The undertaking is carried out by the Company.
  9. 6001. 15. to be declared in accordance with the article.

In order to connect the Marmara Region to the Aegean Region, the construction of the Istanbul Bursa İzmir Highway, which was started in 2010, was approached to an end. 83 kilometers are the main body and 9 kilometers are the connection road. 192 kmwill be opened tomorrow. 8 hours the route from Istanbul to Izmir 3,5 to hours 234 kilometers of the project was already opened. In this scope, the road between Osmangazi Bridge and Gebze Bursa, Balıkesir North West junction and Akhisar junction İzmir was put into service.

Sections opened in 4.8.2019

  • Bursa West Junction-Balıkesir North Junction: 97 kilometer highway and 3,4 kilometer connection road
  • Balıkesir West Junction-Akhisar Junction: 86 kilometer highway and 5,6 kilometer connecting road.

1 billion pounds, 2 billion pounds, 38 billion pounds from fuel oil, 3 million pounds, and 179 million pounds annually, 2019 million pounds from fuel oil. savings are envisaged. When the estimated traffic values ​​of 2,5 year are taken into consideration, it is estimated that 930 billion pounds from time, 3 billion 430 million pounds from fuel oil will total annual savings of 2023 billion 3 million pounds. Thanks to the motorway, 1 hour trip between Istanbul and Izmir will drop to 120 hours.

Istanbul Izmir Otaban Toll How Many TL?

Bursa West Junction between Bursa North Junction (97 km.) And Balıkesir West Junction Akhisar Junction (86 km.) Fees will be charged.

  1. class cars from Istanbul to Izmir including toll Osmangazi Bridge 256.30 TL pay. Here are the figures that other cars will pay:
Vehicle The Osmangazi Bridge Contact Yalova directly Bursa City Center Balikesir North Manisa Turgutlu Izmir exit
1. class 103,00 ₺ 4,40 ₺ 29,10 ₺ 43,20 ₺ 63,80 ₺ 12,80 ₺
2. class 164,80 ₺ 6,90 ₺ 46,80 ₺ 69,06 ₺ 102,44 ₺ 20,00 ₺
3. class 195,70 ₺ 8,20 ₺ 55,50 ₺ 82,10 ₺ 121,60 ₺ 23,80 ₺
4. class 259,60 ₺ 10,90 ₺ 73,60 ₺ 108,90 ₺ 161,30 ₺ 31,50 ₺
5. class 327,60 ₺ 13,80 ₺ 92,80 ₺ 137,40 ₺ 203,50 ₺ 39,90 ₺
6. class 72,10 ₺ 3,10 ₺ 20,40 ₺ 30,20 ₺ 44,80 ₺ 8,80 ₺

We can show this table as a total payable:


Vehicle The Osmangazi Bridge Yalova-Altinova Bursa City Center Balikesir North Manisa Turgutlu Izmir exit
1. class 103,00 TL 107.40 TL 136.50 TL 179.70 TL 243.50 TL 256.30 TL
2. class 164.80 TL 171.70 TL 218.50 TL 287.56 TL 390,00 TL 410,00 TL
3. class 195.70 TL 203.90 TL 259.40 TL 341.50 TL 463.10 TL 486.90 TL
4. class 259.60 TL 270.50 TL 344.10 TL 453,00 TL 614.30 TL 645.8 TL
5. class 327.60 TL 341.40 TL 434.20 TL 571.60 TL 775.10 TL 815,00 TL
6. class 72.10 TL 75.20 TL 95.60 TL 125.80 TL 170.60 TL 179.40 TL


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan today opened the Istanbul-Izmir highway. President Erdoğan, who opened the second stage of 192 Km, explained the cost of the Istanbul-Izmir highway in figures. Erdogan said that the cost reached $ 11 billion, said the highway was given to companies with the build-operate-transfer model for the 22 year 4 month period.

With the completion of the 192 Km road of the Istanbul-Izmir highway, Erdogan emphasized that the travel time between Istanbul and Izmir was reduced to 3,5 hours. İzmir Aydın and İzmir Çeşme motorway. Where, where ık We did not cross the mountains easily. But we became Ferhat, Ferhat said, d We have pierced the mountains. In addition to making the trip between Istanbul and Izmir fast comfortable, Erdoğan also mentioned the shortage of 100 kilometers and stated that his contribution to the government is 3,5 billion dollars.

Complex Computing System for Highway

A complex calculation system is used to determine toll charges. According to this formula, vehicle classes, road distance used, traffic intensities of the road and major art structures on the road are used in the calculation of tolls. Wages are increased by the annual PPI value at the beginning of each year. In the case of bridges and tunnels where dangerous goods are allowed to pass, in the event of a charge, there is a charge of ten times that of 1, 2 and 3 vehicles carrying dangerous goods, and five times that of 4 and 5.


On the other hand, according to the information on the website of Otoyol Yapim ve Isletme AS, which operates the 404 kilometer Istanbul Izmir Highway, the transit guarantees given to the company are as follows;

  • 1 Section: For Gebze - Orhangazi 40.000 Cars equivalent / Day,
  • 2.Section: Orhangazi - Bursa (Ovaakça Junction) 35.000 Cars equivalent / Day,
  • 3 Section: Bursa (Karacabey Junction) - Balıkesir / Edremit 17.000 Cars equivalent / Day,
  • 4 Section: (Balıkesir - Edremit) separation - for İzmir 23.000 Cars equivalent / Day


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