Istanbul Izmir Motorway Opens!

Istanbul Izmir Motorway Opens!
Istanbul Izmir Motorway Opens!

Istanbul Izmir Motorway Opens! : The 8,5 kilometer section of the Istanbul Izmir Highway will be opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at 3,5 August 192.

M. Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said that Istanbul-Izmir Motorway will be one of the important transportation axes connecting Marmara Region to Aegean Region, Western Mediterranean and Western Anatolia Region.

404 kilometers from Istanbul Izmir

Turhan stated that the total length between Istanbul and Izmir is 404 kilometers and he said: N The 20 kilometers of this project were built within the scope of Bursa Ring Road. There will be a highway project that will reduce the current state road between 515 kilometers between Istanbul and Izmir to 404 kilometers. The current road was a project that was completed and put into service in the early years of our government's divided roadwork program, at the beginning of the 2000 years. We are realizing this project with the aim of making a high standard road in which our country's development, growth and consequently the increasing traffic volume on our roads will be transferred (safer, more comfortable and more economical). Şekil

Izmir Istanbul only 3,5 watches

Emphasizing that the drivers will save time and fuel thanks to the project, Turhan said: uz Our current road, now the road between Istanbul and Izmir could be covered at 8,5 hour. So the speed of the average traffic could be between 40-45 kilometers. This new road, 404 kilometer Istanbul-Izmir highway under normal conditions, under the appropriate operating conditions 3,5 hour from Istanbul to Izmir will be able to reach. This will save time and fuel with a significant economic contribution to the road users and will provide important opportunities and facilities especially in the transportation of industrial products, agricultural products both in Turkey and abroad on this route. ”

Cost of 7 Billion Dollars

Turhan recalled that 7 billion dollars have been spent for the project so far: “2,5 billion pounds have been spent by the administration for expropriation. To date, an average of 5 thousand people have found jobs at the construction site. When the project is completed, when the construction works are completed, close to 1000 people will be employed in the maintenance and operation services of this project. In this sense, it is seen from these figures that this project will make significant contributions to both transportation service and employment to our economy. I hope that when the project is completed and put into service in the coming days, the road users will benefit from and benefit from the economic and economic savings I mentioned. ”

Izmir Istanbul Highway Map

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