One of the Taxi Roads Crashed at Istanbul Airport

one of the taxi routes at istanbul airport
one of the taxi routes at istanbul airport

At the beginning of April, one of the taxi routes was taken care of at the Istanbul Airport, where full moving took place.

According to the news of Airporthaber, Ataturk Airport after the closure of passenger transport 5-6 operations began in April, Istanbul Airport began to collapse on one of the taxi routes. After the pilots expressed their complaints frequently, it was decided to close the taxiway for use.

Starting from yesterday, NOTAM'led taxi road construction machinery asphalt dismantling work began. After the closure of the taxiway called the And Aeround, planes began to cover the runway and be guided to the beginning of the runway.

It is not known whether the construction works on the taxi road will cause a significant disruption in operation, but it may be a problem for the runway to be taken care of before the busy traffic expected during the feast.

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