Tram Line Established on Istanbul Street

tram line established on istanbul street
tram line established on istanbul street

Düzce Municipality started to work on the reorganization of Istanbul Street.

Minister of Science, Industry, Technology and Mayor of Düzce The first step was taken within the scope of the reconstruction project of Istanbul Street, which was recently announced by Faruk Özlü.

With the special team established within the Directorate of Science Affairs, the dismantling of the rails started in front of the tram hangar in 15 July Martyrs Park. In the new project prepared for the street, the rails that are not used for the first time are removed within the scope of the works designed as vehicle park, traffic flow and bicycle path in East-West direction.

In the statement made on the subject, it was determined that the investment on the street did not meet the need. Sebebiyle As the tram line and equipment installed on Istanbul Street became unavailable, a new lane vehicle park, a lane vehicle traffic flow and a lane will also be rearranged to allocate bicycle users. With the works initiated within this scope, the dismantling of the rails laid for the tram line was started from the hangar location. We present to the information of the esteemed public ”.

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