Bring Your Second Hand Machine

bring your second hand machine instead of a new one
bring your second hand machine instead of a new one

Preparing different campaigns for the manufacturers who want to change their existing machines, Emektar Makina takes second hand machines regardless of model and brand, instead of offering new ones to customers with maturities up to 18 months. Emektar Makina, which offers many special campaigns to companies who want to own a machine, offers a different machine campaign for manufacturers who want to renew or revise their machines.

Within the scope of this campaign, companies wishing to buy their old machines to Emektar Makina can buy zero machines with 18 months. Manufacturers who wish to make the revision of existing machines.

Manufacturers who want to buy a new machine, whether sheet metal processing machine, Akbant, Guillotine plasma tube and profile bending or cylinder bending machine, whether the model and brand of second-hand machines by bringing the new payment facilities up to 18 months.

60 is one of the leading companies in the sector with its expertise and experience for more than a year.

All this information and more is and get detailed information.

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