IMM Staff Saved the Life of Minibuses

ibb staff saved the lives of those flying in the sea minibus
ibb staff saved the lives of those flying in the sea minibus

After hitting two people fishing in Sarıyer, İBB personnel rescued those who were stuck in the minibus flying to the sea as a result of long efforts.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) subsidiary İSPARK – İSTMARİN personnel Nur Muhammed Yazıcı, Kerem Kalender and Sefa Erbil saved the lives of those who fell into the sea in the accident that took place on the Sarıyer coast on Sunday night. The minibus, whose driver lost control of the steering wheel, crashed into the sea, crashing into people fishing on the beach. While 03 fishermen escaped with injuries, 00 people, 2 women, who could not get out of the minibus, flew into the sea. Occurring kazanISPARK – İSTMARİN officers Nur Muhammed Yazıcı, Kerem Kalender and Sefa Erbil in Sarıyer Tarabya, who heard the voice of the survivors, rushed to the aid of the victims. In the accident where the life market took place, 4 passengers in the minibus were rescued with the devoted efforts of IMM personnel.


KazanStating that they kept watch in the watchtower during the hours of the attack, Muhammed Yazıcı explained what happened that night as follows:

“At night 03: We heard a sound during our shift in the waters of 00. My shift friend Kerem Kalender, 'Muhammad I think they hit your car' he said. So I ran to my car because it was near the tower and I looked left and right. Meanwhile, I heard shouting, 'Save us, we don't know swimming'. I ran immediately and saw the van at sea. Quickly boarding a mooring boat to Kerem friend of mine, 'the minibus flew to the sea, there are people inside,' I said. When Kerem and Sefa approached the van with my friend, I saw another man in the sea about 50 meters. He was shouting, 'Save me, I don't know swimming.' I noticed that you were holding him to the iron hanging from the shore to the sea. Then I decided that the situation in the van was more urgent and I said to him, 'You're in good health, hold the chain. I'll save you after saving your friends' I headed to the van. The van was about to sink and there was a man in the window of the driver's door. There were also female voices from inside. I grabbed the young man in the sinking van and pulled it to the boat. On the one hand, the rest of the inside, 'Come to the glass' I was shouting. Then the van sank. Then we informed the police and the fire department. Sefa my friend jumped into the water, but could not see anything because the sight is zero. Then we took Sefa to the boat. While we were desperately waiting, 10 managed to get out of the van two minutes later. One showed his half-unconscious friend, shouting, 'I know I can swim, help Seda.' My friend Sefa entered the water again and reached Seda. Together we took Seda to our boat. After the rescue struggle, we delivered the survivors to the medics.

”In the accident, Tevfik U. and Murat A., who are fishing, and Mehmet Furkan H, Ahmet A, Hande G. and Seda E. who are in the minibus are being treated. The 4 passenger and the minibus flying to the sea were taken out by the IMM teams in the morning.

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