IMMoglu 5 District Walked by IMM President

ibb president imamoglu viewed the neighborhood
ibb president imamoglu viewed the neighborhood

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluwalked a total of 5 districts step by step. He made inspections at many points from the Archeology Park to the Aksaray Underground Bazaar, from the Yenikapı Security Monitoring Center to the Haliç Metro Bridge observation deck. Reacting to the construction of plastic playgrounds in the Archeology Park, İmamoğlu said, "There is no such thing. Look, there is also in this park. If a municipality puts it in Anatolia, people find it strange. There is nothing more shameful than putting such things here. Whoever makes these choices, we're going to change this whole thing. Here is the front of the İBB. I guess no one has been out for a long time. In other words, no official has looked at what is around me. People start from their immediate surroundings first. But this island is only possible by walking and feeling. Not so far away," he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlustarted his work on the third day of the feast in the central building in Saraçhane. İmamoğlu, who worked in the office for a while, left the İBB building at noon with his middle son Semih and the accompanying delegation. İmamoğlu was accompanied by IMM Deputy Secretary Generals Murat Kalkanlı, Orhan Demir and Murat Yazıcı and Rail Systems Department Head Pelin Alpkökin. İmamoğlu, who was planning to go down to Aksaray by passing through the Archeology Park, was not satisfied with the sights he saw. Saying, “We need to make this archaeological park an open site for excavations,” İmamoğlu told his staff, “It is necessary to enable people to both visit and feel the archaeological park. We want these places to be renewed immediately and included in the system immediately. Look over there, it's a huge field. I say, is the situation here related to excavations or whether they have been taken under protection, have a look at them. We will tell our Head of Cultural Heritage Department, Mahir Bey, and I say take a look.”

Imamoglu stated that he had come across plastic playgrounds made for children in the historical peninsula. Look, it's in the park. If it puts a municipality in Anatolia, people are odd. Nothing as shameful as putting things here. They just put in the Golden Horn, new, new in manufacturing. It was done before the election. 2 weeks after the election the game group was put. Whoever makes these choices will totally change this. Here is the front of the IMM. I guess nobody's been out for a long time. So no official, 'What's around me does not' he did not look. First, people start from their immediate surroundings. But this island, however, is by foot, feeling. Not so far, ”he said.

“Our agenda is open AÇIK
Imamoglu, in front of Pertevniyal High School and the courtyard of the Valide Sultan Mosque as a pedestrian crossing, Aksaray Underground Bazaar where he will be examined. Citizens who saw Imamoglu at the entrance of the bazaar, queued to take photos with the President of IMM. Meanwhile, 4-year-old Elif Akgül hugged Imamoğlu for a long time and caused interesting moments. Underground bazaar management and artisans welcomed by flowers and applause Imamoglu, held a meeting with managers for a while. In the name of management President Cemal Dadasınlıoğlu listed the problems as the bazaar. Imamoglu said, “Our agenda is open. What will happen will be sit down and talk to you.. Imamoglu, market artisans and citizens did not break the photo requests.

Imamoglu and the delegation, Aksaray Yenipakı Metro Station again on foot. Metro A.Ş. İmamoğlu, who had feasted with its employees, also made observations at the ik Yenikapı Security Monitoring Center giren, which was put into service 7 months ago. Metro Istanbul Deputy General Manager Ali Firat gave Imamoglu technical information about the center. Imamoglu celebrated the feasts of the employees at the center. Imamoglu, employees at the beginning of the radio celebrated the holidays to reach the radio. Employees who drink tea in the same seat Semam'le Imamoglu'nun son drew attention. İmamoğlu instructed his assistants to carry out studies on the promotion of the center, which operates on an 24 clock basis.

Imamoglu, taking collective photos with employees, took the subway from Yenikapi. Passing into the driver section of the subway, Imamoglu celebrated the feast of the passengers with the central announcement. Passengers who understand that Imamoglu is on the train, queued to take photos with the President of IMM. Semih traveling with his father standing up, Imamoglu, "You can hold me," he joked. Father Imamoglu's response to his son, “Oooo! Muscle? Bone? ” This dialogue between father and son made the people around laugh. Imamoglu, descending from the train at Haliç Station, observed the historical peninsula from the observation terrace on the Haliç Metro Bridge. Imamoglu, what should be done in the first hand about the region, shared with his assistants. After the exams, Imamoglu boarded the subway and left for Şişhane. Imamoglu celebrated the feasts of the citizens on the very crowded train and took lots of photos. Semih also helped his father take photos with the citizens. Imamoglu from Shane Station to Tunel is surrounded by citizens. Imamoglu wandering the streets of the tunnel for a while, listened to the complaints of artisans.

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