Transportation between Gördes and Demirci will be more comfortable

transportation between gordes and blacksmith will be more comfortable
transportation between gordes and blacksmith will be more comfortable

Manisa metropolitan municipality Gördes district Like the neighborhood and the district of Demirci district Bardakci neighborhood 8 kilometer 1. floor surface coating work was carried out. This work, which makes transportation more comfortable and safer, was appreciated by the village headmen.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Gördes district, such as the neighborhood between the neighborhoods of Bardakci and Demirci districts and traffic safety jeopardized the road was compromised. The base material of the previously drawn 8 kilometers on the road 1. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality completed the work of floor surface, transportation between the two districts has made more comfortable. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Gördes Mukhtar's Office Deputy Director Mustafa Gün, Ramazan Bayram and Bardakçı District Headman Emin Bardakçı examined together.

He thanked

Emphasizing that this road is an alternative route that provides transportation between Demirci and Gördes, Likes Headman Ramazan Bayram said, uz We are satisfied with the service provided. I would like to thank everyone, especially Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality. In addition to this, MASKİ also carried out infrastructure work in our neighborhood. Our problems are solved ”.

Comfort and Confidence Increased

Stating that the road has become safer and more comfortable with the study, Bardakci District Headman Emin Bardakci said, uz We would like to thank Mayor Cengiz Ergun. There were disturbances on the way. In addition, cars were slipping in winter. This danger was eliminated with the study. Our way was beautiful, ”he said.

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