Gebze Darıca Metro Project was transferred to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

gebze darica metro project transferred to the ministry of transport and infrastructure
gebze darica metro project transferred to the ministry of transport and infrastructure

Kocaeli Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın made a statement to reporters about the Gebze-Darıca Metro Project. Mayor Büyükakın stated that the Metro Project, which has a cost of approximately 5 Billion TL, has been transferred to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and underlined that the cost to be spent on the project will be offered to the citizens. In a statement made in the construction of the Metro Project, AK Party Provincial Chairman Mehmet Ellibeş, Mayor of Gebze Zinnur Büyükgöz, Darica Mayor Muzaffer Bıyık, Metropolitan Secretary Balamir Gundogdu, province and district protocol was also present.

Gebze-Darica Metro Project Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın, Kocaeli very closely related to the statement found. Noting that the Metro Project was transferred to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Büyükakın said, kapsamlı The overall cost of the project is 5 billion pounds. This is equivalent to the annual investment budget of our municipality 5. With this transfer, projects will be produced for our citizens in Kocaeli. New investments will be opened ”.

Mayor Büyükakın underlined that they will continue their projects in order to maximize the transportation network in Kocaeli in order to make it more functional in the coming period by means of rail systems and public transport. The share of public transportation in total transportation in Kocaeli is 16. So 16 percent of all trips are done by public transport. We want to double this percentage. The share of the rail system is around 7. We aim to increase this rate to 14 percent. If we succeed in this, our citizens will be able to travel to Kocaeli in a happier future. Land

Mayor Büyükakın made the following statement in his statement regarding the construction of Metro Project: uz We want to complete the station in the square quickly to ease the environment. We will finish this section until January and relax Gebze Town Square. It will take us until the end of 2020 to enter the tunnels. Maybe 2 year will be a problem in the region. But when the Metro Project is completed, we will live in peace in this region for 50 years and we will live a comfortable life in transportation. Our people will provide easy access to Gebze and Darıca..

He also mentioned the process related to the transfer of Büyükakın Metro. Mayor Büyükakın stated that they visited President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan together with AK Party Provincial Chairman Mehmet Ellibeş and said: ik We conveyed to them that Metro Project is equal to 5 annual investment budget of Metropolitan Municipality. He said that this cost will affect the investments to be made for citizens in Kocaeli. They found us right at this point and said they would give instructions to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. We contacted immediately. Our Secretary General made our applications yesterday. Hopefully after that, our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will make our subway. We will shift this budget to other services. I owe thanks to everyone who contributed. ”

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