DSİ Built 216 Km Highway and 27 Km Tunnel in Artvin

dsi artvinde km highway km tunnel built
dsi artvinde km highway km tunnel built

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli said: “The construction of a total of 216,61 kilometers of roads and 26,83 kilometers of tunnels has been completed in Artvin. Also 35 bridge and viaduct construction is over. With these efforts, more than 3 billion pounds of transportation investment has been made in Artvin. ”

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli, in his written statement, the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works of DSI, so far from agricultural irrigation to drinking water, flood protection, dam construction has implemented many investments, he said.

Pakdemirli noted that DSI is not only constructing water related works but also roads, tunnels, bridges and viaducts.

While the Borçka Dam was constructed in Artvin, the construction of the 27,994 kilometer-Borçka-Artvin highway and the 6,742 kilometer- Borçka-Murgul highway were completed. The village roads at 16,499 kilometers were made. In addition, 4,760 kilometer 12 tunnel and 1,042 kilometer 10 bridges and viaducts were completed within the scope of dam construction.

During the construction of Muratlı Dam, 16,716 kilometer Borçka-Muratlı highway, 416 meter 2 tunnel and 302 meter 3 bridge and viaduct construction were completed. Deriner Dam 22,7 kilometer variant road, 39,3 kilometers Artvin-Erzurum road, 11,4 kilometers Artvin-Ardahan road, 7,9 kilometers Artvin-Ardanuç and 2,5 kilometers Artvin-Ortaköy road was made. In addition, 17,784 kilometer 28 tunnel, 1,309 kilometer 5 balanced cantilever bridge, 753 meter 3 viaduct and 913 meter 11 bridge were constructed during Deriner's construction process. Also 58,92 kilometers of village road was built.

Among these tunnels, the Oruçlu Ripaj Tunnel (Zeytinlik-Fasting Tunnel) was opened in July of the year 2019. Fasting Ripage Tunnel 2 is the longest tunnel built under the road relocations of Deriner, Borcka and Muratlı Dams with a length of thousand 277 meters. Within the framework of the Yusufeli Dam under construction, the 5,94 kilometer connection road was built. In addition, the 3,866 kilometer 5 tunnel and the 231 meter 3 bridge were built. In addition, within the scope of Yusufeli Dam village road reloxays, around 40 kilometers of village roads will be built. 2018 in the construction work continues.

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