Domestic and National Brand Rail System Vehicles

domestic and national brand rail system vehicles
domestic and national brand rail system vehicles
  1. Durmazlar 60 Green City Light Metro Vehicles produced by Bursa and serving in Bursa Municipality,
  2. Bozankaya 31 pieces of Talas national brand tram produced by Kayseri and serving in Kayseri,
  3. Durmazlar 18 National Trunk Silkworm Trolley produced by Bursa and serving in Bursa,
  4. Durmazlar 18 panorama brand tram, produced by the company and serving in Kocaeli,
  5. 18 national brand Istanbul light metro vehicle produced by Istanbul Transportation and serving in Istanbul,
  6. Durmazlar 8 Panoroma national brand Tram which is produced by the company and serving in Samsun,
  7. Durmazlar 30 National Trams produced by Istanbul and serving in Istanbul,
  8. National Brand new generation and environmentally friendly HSL 700 hybrid maneuver locomotive produced by Aselsan and Tülomsaş,
  9. National Brand new generation E1000 electric maneuver locomotive developed by Tülomsaş and Tübitak,
  10. The new generation DE10000 locomotive developed by Tülomsaş and Tübitak,
  11. National High Speed ​​Train Project developed by Tüvasaş and aselsan,
  12. After 2 Ankara Bombardier subway which was completely renovated by Aselsan, others will be renewed,
  13. Bozankaya Metro tool developed by TUBITAK project.

All of this is complete. also Bozankaya 88 exported subway vehicles to Thailand. 20 Tramway tender won in Romania. Durmazlar 20 Tramway tender won in Poland. Overseas tender works are continuing.
I congratulate all local and national companies.

ARUS all local and national brands rail systems produced by aggregation, while exported abroad, xnumx.c all Rail Turkey's Development Plan System Tools will be local and national brands saying they do imports despite our institutions abroad this too we need to say stop as National.

Import necessary to prevent these companies bring together our National State policy should be made more powerful by creating a consortium NATIONAL needs of Turkey and the entire rail system should give this consortium.

The best examples of this are the CRRC (Group of Chinese companies) and the Siemens-Alstom partnership, which leads to unity against them.

Ilhami Pektas

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