Diyarbakır Railway Station Underpass Like Horror Tunnel

diyarbakir railway station
diyarbakir railway station

The subway platforms of the Diyarbakır railway station do not look like the horror tunnels in the movies. Citizens are afraid to cross the station. The platforms of Diyarbakır TCDD Station were sentenced to darkness.

Hundreds of people used to go to their homes every day and connects the districts of Yenişehir vineyards connected to the dark because of the citizens became afraid to pass.

Pitch dark condemned platforms, caused the reaction of citizens passing through. Citizens using the light of phones to pass through the dark platform rebelled.

The darkness of the platform was also a tunnel of fear because drug addicts kept it there. It was observed that some citizens who had seen the beginning of the platform were dark and had to use the overpass.

Citizens who wanted to pass through the platform and feared the attack of drug addicts and snatchers called to the authorities through our newspaper and demanded the lighting of the platform as soon as possible. (Seyfettin EKEN - Güneydoğugüncel)

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