Mercury and Obelisk attained Asphalt

mercury and obelisk on asphalt
mercury and obelisk on asphalt

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, completed the asphalt works in rural districts of the Mediterranean District. Metropolitan, Civanyaylağı and between the neighborhoods of Camili Dikilitaş Neighborhood Hürriyet Street and Kayalar Street has solved the problem of asphalt waiting for the citizens for a long time. A total of 1.756 tons of hot asphalt works were carried out in two neighborhoods.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality solves all the problems of rural neighborhoods from asphalt to infrastructure. The teams connected to the Directorate of Metropolitan Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department completed the asphalt work carried out in Hürriyet Caddesi and Kayalar Caddesi between Akdeniz District Civanyaylağı and Camili Neighborhoods and Dikilitas Neighborhood. A total of 1.756 tons of hot asphalt works were performed in the neighborhoods.

Ilar They did our ways wonderfully ”

Following the demands of the residents and the instructions initiated by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, the asphalt problem of the neighborhoods that have not been able to get service for many years has been solved.

İsmail Toker, who has been the mukhtar for the 2 period in Civanyaylağı Neighborhood, stated that the infrastructure problem is solved in the neighborhoods and that they have been waiting for 1 since the year, and said, ık We applied with a petition. At the last meeting of the Assembly, we forwarded this problem to our Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mr. Vahap Seçer. They didn't say Saturday-Sunday, they came and made our way wonderfully. ”

Civanyaylağı District Cemetery also noted that the work was done Muhtar Toker, "Mayor Vahap Metropolitan Mayor, 'Mukhtar is my right arm, what the muhtar do what I said' he said. He did what we wanted. May Allah be pleased..

Evening walks are now more comfortable

Mahmut Yaman, the mayor of Dikilitas, pointed out that the service came within a short time after the elections and said, Allah May Allah be pleased with our Mayor of Mersin Vahap Seçer and others. We said, 'We would expect the service to be done at least one more year'. But the service arrived early than we expected. As our neighborhood residents walked on this road, their feet were sinking. Now they are walking on the road like a cream. ”

Muhtar Yaman pointed out that the problem of sewerage in the neighborhoods is solved.

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