Works for Transportation to Bursa City Hospital Ongoing

bursa city hospital in progress to reach
bursa city hospital in progress to reach

Hot asphalt works were completed in 3 meter section of 3 departure 900 arrival road which was built by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for the smooth transportation to City Hospital.

Bursa City Hospital, which has a total capacity of one thousand 6 beds in 355 different hospitals including general, obstetrics, cardiovascular, oncology, physical therapy and rehabilitation (FTR), high security forensic psychiatry (YGAP), started accepting patients last month. accelerated the efforts for smooth transportation to the hospital. The H / 1, H / 2 and H / 3 lines, which were established in order to provide transportation to the City Hospital from different points of Bursa in the first place, carry an average of 6 thousand passengers a day. Approximately 7 kilometers will reach the City Hospital from the direction of Altınşehir Junction, Nilüfer Organized Industrial Zone. road asphalt pavement and infrastructure work is also continuing rapidly. In addition to the transportation to the City Hospital, Nilüfer Organized Industrial Zone will be seriously relieved, 3 departure 3 arrival of the divided road 900 meters of hot asphalt works have been completed. Excavation, filling and infrastructure works in other parts of the road are also in full swing.

Destination seamless transportation

Bursa City Hospital is among Turkey's largest 10 investment, reminding only that he would serve a population of approximately 6 million with no Bursa neighboring provinces of Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, so transportation to the hospital they spend a busy working to ensure a smooth told. Expressing that they brought Bursalılar from different points of the city to the hospital with the new bus line 3 created in the first stage, Mayor Aktaş said, ız We are working on the new road we have opened for transportation to the hospital. Hot asphalt pavement has been completed in the 900 meter section of the road. Stage stage of this work continues. Furthermore, the hospital will be easily accessible from every point of Bursa with the extension of Bursaray Labor Line to the hospital with an additional line of 5,5 kilometers. ”

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