BTK Railway Route Transportation Summit

btk railway summit transportation summit
btk railway summit transportation summit

Iron Silk Road called the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway route in transportation In order to increase Turkey, Russia, Georgia and attended by officials of Azerbaijan Railway Administration Working Group Meeting, 26 Monday, August started in The Ankara Hotel in Ankara YHT Station.

TCDD General Directorate, hosted by the two-day meeting of the two-day session of the meeting will be attended by officials of the Kazakhstan Railway Administration.

TCDD General Director Ali Ihsan appropriate, in his speech at the meeting's opening, Asia, Europe, sees a natural bridge between the Middle East and Africa railway industry in Turkey, he reminded xnumx't onwards started to be addressed as a government policy.

Within the scope of the major investments made so far, Uygun explained that all national and international railway lines on the east-west corridor, where transportation mobility is intense, have been renewed, taking into consideration the characteristics of the railways that combine cultures, geographies and peoples, and endeavor to increase the existing cooperation with the countries in the region. noted that they are in.

Uygun stated that the Marmaray and Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway lines, which allow uninterrupted railway transportation across the Bosphorus, offer great opportunities.

"In recent years, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia are your known to increase the trade volume between. The Baku Tbilisi-Kars railway line, which we have opened for service as railway administrations of our countries, is to be more active, thus increasing the amount of transportation and thus the trade volume. Söz


Appropriate, of the railway administrations in bilateral and multilateral talks result in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia and noting that opened the way for new opportunities for cooperation between Georgia, among the initiatives on topics agreed at the results that he took part in the Working Group established.

Uygun said that as a result of the global liberalization efforts in the railway sector, it is important for the railway administrations to cooperate with the private sector.

In appropriate, two-day meetings, a tariff policy for transportation in the region, the use of wagons in regional countries, the production of special wagons, the contribution of Kars Logistics Center to the transport mobility in the region, increasing the potential of transit transport, the importance of cooperation and railway transportation will be discussed. important steps to be taken to take the meeting wished to be beneficial.

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