Bayrampaşa Bus Station Parking Will Be Free During The Feast

bayrampasa bus station parking will be free during the holidays
bayrampasa bus station parking will be free during the holidays

Explaining that the precautionary decision regarding the parking lot of Bayrampaşa Bus Station has been abolished, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu said: Imamoglu, during the feast of relatives or passengers who meet in Istanbul gave the good news that the car park will benefit free of charge.

Ekrem İmamoğlu explained that the measure decision taken yesterday on the Bayrampaşa Bus Station was abolished today with the initiative of the IMM, and said: “Yesterday, I was surprised and upset by a judicial decision. But today, upon the initiative of our Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the decision to stop this execution was canceled. The injunction was removed. There's no obstacle right now. Thursday at 16: As of 00, we will be in Bayrampaşa Bus Station with all our units. In other words, our security company from İSTGÜVEN to İSTAÇ, with its cleanliness, we will be there completely with zabıtamız. We will take measures to provide all services not provided quickly. We'il take care of it from the sink to the toilet and the lighting. This process is valuable to us. Because in order to prepare the bus station for tomorrow, we have to eliminate the threatening situations there. ”

Coach station 9-15 AUGUST FREE
Underlining that they will insist and follow the necessary precautions in an expired environment in a property belonging to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, İmamoğlu continued his words as follows: iz We are in frequent consultations with our Governor on this subject. On that day we will be accompanied by the security units and other relevant institutions and organizations of the Governorate. Hopefully we will be there on 16: 00 on Thursday. Obviously we would like to catch the possibility of being pulled forward. Because we are in an effort to provide the service there as soon as possible. I'd like to give you the good news. Bayrampaşa Bus Station will be free of charge to the private vehicles of our Istanbul residents who want to come and see their passengers during the feast (between 9-15 August) in order to eliminate the chaos and to make the Sacrifice Feast properly. ”

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