Transfer of Bayrampaşa Bus Station Parking Lot to İSPARK

Transfer of Bayrampasa Bus Station Parking Lot to ISPARK
Transfer of Bayrampasa Bus Station Parking Lot to ISPARK

Bayrampaşa Bus Station's parking lot was officially transferred to ISPARK, one of the IMM companies, in line with the decision of the IMM Assembly. During the transfer process, IMM Secretary General Yavuz Erkut and his team closely followed the work.

A period ended in Bayrampaşa Bus Station today. The contract of the company, which holds the rights to operate the parking lots of the bus station, was completed in May, and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly handed over the parking lot of the bus station to İSPARK for the year 5. With the completion of the judicial process, the right to operate the parking lots of the bus station was officially transferred to İSPARK.

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu's statement to the press on Tuesday, "The latest interim injunction has been lifted. As of Thursday at 16:00, we will be at Bayrampaşa Bus Terminal with all our units.” After the statement, İBB units took action. Today, under the management of İBB Secretary General Yavuz Erkut, İSPARK, İSTAÇ, İSTGÜVEN, Constabulary and cleaning staff went to Bayrampaşa Bus Station and took over the parking lots. İBB Police and Bus Station Police took security measures in the parking lot transfer process, which was attended by Bayrampaşa District Governor Osman Aslan Canbaba. District Governor Canbaba said, “At the request of our metropolitan municipality, we are carrying out an evacuation process in accordance with the 2886th article of the law numbered 75. Our friends, the directors who are in charge of the evacuation, our security, the authorized persons from the association are here. In the request we received, the delivery of the parking areas was requested. We do them too. We delivered the parking areas inside the parking lot, now we are fulfilling our duty by handing over the areas in these entrances.” After the takeover, the mobo cabins of Eurasia Terminal Operations were dismantled and replaced with the cabins of İSPARK.

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu In his statement on Tuesday, he said, “I would like to give this good news. In order to spend the Eid al-Adha properly, Bayrampasa Bus Terminal will be free for the private vehicles of our citizens of Istanbul who want to come there and greet or greet their passengers during the Eid (August 9-15). has provided.

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