Bayrampaşa Bus Station Parking Lot

bayrampasa bus station parking is as clean as ever
bayrampasa bus station parking is as clean as ever

In accordance with the decision taken by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly in the last session before the holiday, the works in the parking lot of Bayrampaşa Bus Station, which was transferred to İSPARK, came to an end. Old cabins have been removed and new ones have been replaced. The sub-car parks of the bus station, which were not passed from filth, were cleaned by İSTAÇ teams. Security in the region is provided by the LOVE and police teams.

The parking agreement between Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and International Anatolian and Thrace Busers' Association was terminated at 5 May 2019. At its July session, 11, the IMM Assembly approved the transfer of the parking facility to the municipal subsidiary ISPARK. Following the judicial process, the handover process was carried out in August. Under the direction of IMM Secretary General Yavuz Erkut, İSPARK, İSTAÇ, İSTGÜVEN and municipal police teams went to Bayrampaşa 8 July Martyrs Bus Station and took over the parking lots. Following the transfer, the cabin belonging to Eurasia Terminal Operations was dismantled and the cabinets of İSPARK started to be replaced. Cab placement has been completed as of today.

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluThe lower floor car parks of the bus station, which came to the fore with the filthy scenery witnessed during the inspection visit of the bus station, were cleaned by İSTAÇ teams and necessary arrangements were made. The car park, which will be operated by İSPARK, will serve free of charge during the Eid al-Adha. On the other hand, many citizens and sector representatives who reached İmamoğlu on social media expressed their satisfaction with the transfer of the parking lot.

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