Bayramay Marmaray Paid, Metro Free! You ask why?

marmaray paid holiday free of charge is why
marmaray paid holiday free of charge is why

Hacıosman-Yenikapı line, one of Istanbul's two important rail systems, is free of charge during the festival and money is paid for Marmaray. The rationale is that the operation of Marmaray is attached to the ministry. In other words, someone who does not pay until Yenikapı by taking the metro Halkalıpays for the transfer.

While the public transport of the Municipality is free due to Eid al-Adha, 10 was opened in March by AKP's candidate for Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Binali Yildirim and President Erdogan. Halkalı-Gebze line has led to the reaction of citizens to be paid.

Sözcü Fatma VurgunAccording to the news, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality operated by the IETT, Metrobus, BUS, Private Public Buses, City Lines Ferry, Private sea transportation public transport, tram, funicular and subway. 10 In March, Marmaray, which is a part of TCDD, was paid, causing the reaction of the citizens.


HalkalıA passenger who wants to go to Levent from Yenikapı, can pay free of charge by paying TCDD's Marmaray and 3.25 TL and then transferring to Yenikapı. Citizens who think that Marmaray is free, could not hide the astonishment of seeing that the fee was cut in the turnstiles.

Citizens also expressed their reactions to Marmaray being paid by social media.

Marmaray Fee schedule
Marmaray Fee schedule

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