Batman residents insist on Raybus

batmanlilar raybuste insistent
batmanlilar raybuste insistent

The people of Batman want to transform the existing railway network, which is active and active on the Batman-Diyarbakır railway, where approximately 15 thousand people travel each day, to rail transport.

Sonsöz Newspaper's campaign for the transportation of Raybus, Batman is also the priority agenda.

The 90 mileage train line between Batman and Diyarbakir is already active. The train line used in passenger transportation is also suitable for rail system. The rail system to be installed at a low cost will also contribute to the state economy. Officers, students and patients who have to travel between Batman and Diyarbakir, will be able to pass the 90 kilometer 40 per minute with rail system. Vehicle traffic, accidents and air pollution will also decrease. Even if there are 1 trips a day, at least 250 will be able to carry a thousand passengers together with the passengers on foot.

The rail system used in Eskişehir 20 years ago is also requested between Batman and Diyarbakır. Politicians and bureaucrats are expected to make the necessary initiatives. Politicians need to support the calls of Batman people.

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