Mayor İmamoğlu Examines Construction of Kabataş Mahmutbey Metro Line

president imamoglu kabatas examined the construction of mahmutbey metro line
president imamoglu kabatas examined the construction of mahmutbey metro line

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu moved to Kabataş after his investigations on the new valley of life in Tuzla. İmamoğlu, who made investigations in the construction of the “Martı Project” and Kabataş - Mahmutbey metro line, met with the citizens first on the Kabataş-Üsküdar ferry and then on the Kabataş-Taksim funicular line. Imamoglu, the funicular to use his own Istanbulkart'ın drew attention.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem Imamoglu, Tuzla Aydınlı Quarter of the valley project converted into the living valley Hacet Creek after the on-site studies, breathing, with the dust of his foot in the construction of the "Martı Project" construction site took. Within the scope of occupational safety, İmamoğlu made inspections with his special shoes, vest and hard hat and was informed by the managers over the project plans. Imamoglu, who learned that archaeological artifacts were found in the integration sections of Kabatas-Mahmutbey metro construction of the project, warned to continue the works in a sensitive manner to the history. Workers of the construction site took photos with İmamoğlu, where they showed great interest. Imamoglu moved to another construction site, Kabatas - Mahmutbey Metro, right next to the “Martı Project” area. Imamoglu and the accompanying delegation, the city is expected to take a significant portion of the vehicle traffic load in the construction of the first station of the subway found.

Imamoglu who completed the investigations on the construction sites and gave instructions, this time the direction, as he did during the election campaign, turned to citizens. Imamoglu, Kabatas - Uskudar ferry greeted the citizens descending. Citizens who saw the IMM President in front of them at a time, then competed with each other to take photos with Imamoglu. Imamoglu is not content with the welcome, boarding the ferry to get up, greeted the citizens who travel. The captains of the other ferries who noticed İmamoğlu also honored the President of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality by pressing their horns. Imamoglu completed the ferry tour, this time broke the route Kabatas - Taksim funicular line. Passing in front of the tram stop, Imamoglu conveyed to his assistants located near the troubles he saw in the vicinity and asked to inform the relevant municipal units.

In the meantime, the head of Imamoglu, Omar Avni District Mukhtar Aysen Bingol, known as Setustu with the main road for many years, but there are requests for stairs, but this request has not been realized so far, he said. Imamoglu, the head of the muhtar Bingöl's request, taking note, wanted to start the necessary work. Imamoğlu, who was taken into the circle of love by the citizens who found themselves in front of them, could barely cover the distance of approximately 200 meters. Some citizens, relatives of relatives through mobile phones met. 2 female citizen offering chocolate to İmamoğlu in front of Kabataş - Taksim funicular line station.

Imamoglu descended to the station, albeit with difficulty, passed the turnstiles with his own Istanbulkart. Passengers in the funicular wagon in a moment when they saw Imamoğlu'nu faced a short period of surprise. Imamoglu wishing good trips to the citizens, made fun conversations with citizens. Connected to the exit of the metro funicular line Imamoglu, where he saw the intense interest of citizens who saw him. Imamoglu also visited the art gallery of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. From the subway to Taksim Square İmamoğlu, Istanbul is a symbol of the area, almost surrounded by citizens. Imamoğlu citizens took plenty of photos, albeit with difficulty left the area.

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