Asphalt Move in Toroslar from Mersin

asphalt move in the Taurus Mountains
asphalt move in the Taurus Mountains

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues its asphalting works in all districts at the same time in Toroslar District. In the summer months used by citizens as a plateau in rural neighborhoods asphalting works feverishly in the Metropolitan Municipality, the work is completed in a short time, the roads are opened to service.

2, which connects the rural districts of Toroslar District and Yenişehir District, which were destroyed due to heavy rains during the winter months, on the Çavak, Hamzabeyli and Işıktepe group roads. layer asphalt pavement was performed. Work on the 4 kilometer-long and 7 meter-wide road with the 2 combi boiler, 1 distributor 1 cylinder and 1 loader was completed in a short time.

Special thanks to President Seçer for his efforts
Hamzabeyli neighborhood of the group within the boundaries of the section evaluating the work carried out in the Hamzabeyli Mukhtar Sencer Erdogan, the neighborhood is defective and damaged road, expressing the road to Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Secer thanked. Group road is the only connection between Toroslar District and Yenisehir District, which pointed out that Muhtar Erdogan, said he believes that asphalt services will continue uninterrupted.

The path to the Taurus is now wider
The road extension, spreading, irrigation and compaction works carried out with 1 backhoe loader bucket, 1 roller, 1 digger, 1 loader, 1 grader, 1 excavator are continuing in the connection road between Kayrakkeşli and Yüksekoluk Plateau which is also in the boundaries of Toroslar District. If the works are completed, access to the peaks of the Taurus Mountains will be easier. In addition to road expansion works on the 15 kilometer-long connection path, 5 is also 2 on the kilometer area. floor surface coating asphalt work is done.

In addition to the asphalting and surface coating works of the connection roads, 6 truck and asphalt crushed (12,5-19 mm) transportation work is continuing for the Çavak-Hamzabeyli-Işıktepe connection road located in the boundaries of Toroslar District, while the 1 dozer excavator in Alanyaalı 1 dozer , 1 truck, 1 loader and 1 grader with road maintenance, repair and expansion work is ongoing.



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