Public Transportation After Holidays in Antalya

antalya mass holiday transportation after holidays
antalya mass holiday transportation after holidays

After the assessment made by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center, price adjustment was made in public transportation fees. The new tariff will be effective as of 15.08.2019.

Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) 2 for years serving the same tariff public transport trades, fuel prices, depreciation, insurance, maintenance, repair and operating costs on the grounds of the increase in the price regulation has decided. According to the new regulation will be valid from the date of 15.08.2019 full ticket 3 lira 20 penny, discounted 2 lira 70 penny, student 1 lira 80 penny. Transfer will be free.


Reminding that the price tariff change in public transportation was last done on 03.05.2017, Transportation A.Ş. Deniz Filiz, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that the increase in fuel prices, especially the increase in fuel prices, had a negative impact on the transportation tradesmen.

Craftsmen's demands have been considered

Filiz said in his statement, üzere As we all know, due to the negative economic conditions our country is in, the operating expenses of all the tradesmen who are connected to the Chamber of Busmen providing public transportation service in our city and the company providing public transportation service are increasing with each passing day. The price change in public transport was last made on 03.05.2017. Since then, fuel prices have increased by an average of 40 percent, and in parallel, depreciation, insurance, maintenance and repair and operating expenses have increased at the same rate. For this reason, the demands of the Chamber of Busmen and the tradesmen of the transporters were high. Our tradesman stated that he was hurting with this price policy, had difficulty in bringing bread to his house, and even had to sell the immovables left from his parents. There has been no increase in public transportation fees for one year in tram and two years in buses, and due to the conditions mentioned above, we have started to apply tariffs on public transportation fees. ”

Fuel prices and increases in operating costs and the intense demands from the transporters are also taken into consideration when considering a tariff change in public transport fees has become inevitable, Filiz emphasized that the public interest is the first priority. Filiz said, men The interests of our people are our top priority. Considering this issue, we worked diligently and balancing the economy of our people and the state of public transport trades while determining the new tariff. Thus, the increase rate was tried to be kept at 24 percent. Yüzde


According to the new regulation will be valid from the date 15.08.2019 full ticket 3 lira 20 penny, discount 2 lira 70 penny, student 1 lira 80 penny, credit card 3 lira 20 penny, use horse tickets 3 lira 50 penny. Previously, 1 TL will be charged for the transfer, while the new transfer tariff will be free of charge for 60 minutes. With the removal of the transfer fee, a discount was provided on the ticket prices of the citizens making the transfer. In the current application, 2,60 TL + 1,00 TL together with full ticket transfer will pay 3,60 TL in total, and now the new arrangement will pay only 3,20 TL. With the revision of the lines, the transfers will increase. In this way, public transportation is intended to become a transportation option that citizens will prefer more.


Transportation Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors Deniz Filiz together with Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Transportation Inc. announced that they want to relieve Antalya traffic to a certain extent with applications aimed at using public transportation more in Antalya. Filiz said, “Our 3.Etap rail system line will start to serve between Varsak Stop and Yeşiltepe Stop during the Eid al-Adha Festival in order to realize a more comfortable public transportation by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Free shuttle services are arranged for the passengers who will transfer between Yeşiltepe stop and 1.Etap. In this way, transportation from Varsak stop to Airport-Expo and Fatih stops will be provided with a single fee. Antalya's existing 35 km (including Nostalgic tram line) rail system line 11.5 km. more, our rail system line length has reached 46,5 km. During the Eid al-Adha, all public transportation vehicles operated by our Metropolitan Municipality will be free of charge. On this occasion, we wish the festival to bring health, peace and happiness to our country, our city and all our citizens ”.

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