Antalya Metropolitan Transportation Support for Disabled People Continues

antalya big city provides transportation support for the disabled
antalya big city provides transportation support for the disabled

Disabled Vehicles in Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Disabled Service Center continues to support people with disabilities in transportation. Disabled citizens are transported free of charge, especially in hospitals and public institutions. The vehicles served a total of 2019 times during the year 1625.

Providing services within the structure of the Metropolitan Municipality Disabled Service Center, the City Center and districts facilitate the lives of disabled citizens. Specially equipped vehicles serve for citizens with physical disabilities who use wheelchairs, assistive devices and cannot use public transport. With these vehicles, free transportation support is provided to disabled citizens in every subject, especially in hospitals and public institutions.

There are 4 units in the Disability Service Center serving in the Yavuz Özcan Park, 2 units in the Private Metropolitan Special Education and Rehabilitation Center, 17 units in the Serik, Korkuteli, Alanya, Manavgat, Gazipaşa, Elmalı, Kemer districts and Alzheimer's center. . A total of 2019 services were provided to disabled people in 1625 year with specially equipped vehicles. Also lifting one bus was allocated for the provision of Disabled People's Association of Turkey Antalya Branch of individuals with disabilities have access to protocols.

Disabled citizens who want to benefit from the Service of Disabled Vehicles can receive services by requesting an appointment by providing disabled reports and identity information. People with disabilities who are able to do their jobs in public institutions or hospitals in a shorter time and easily thanks to the Barrier-Free Transport Vehicle are also pleased with this service.

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