Rail Laying Continues in Ankara Sivas YHT Project

ankara sivas yht project continues rail laying
ankara sivas yht project continues rail laying

Rail laying works continue in the direction of Yerköy-Sivas in Ankara-Yozgat-Sivas YHT Project, which is one of the important axes of the railway corridor connecting Asia Minor and Asia on the Silk Road route and will reduce the distance between Yozgat Ankara to 55 minutes.

In the project, where the rail spreading on the Yerköy-Sivas line was awarded for one billion 83 million liras, the rail spreading was carried out as 80 kilometers double-sided. Our governor, Kadir Çakır, made an investigation in the section where the rail was laid, and received information from Mehmet Baser, the Construction Center Construction Project Manager.

Later, Governor Çakır, who was riding in the vehicle that stabilized the rail axis at the Yozgat Station, which is located in the Divanlı District and is under construction, traveled about 40 kilometers with the press members of our city.

Governor Çakır, who made a statement after the trip that ended at the entrance of the town of Çiğdem, stated that the Ankara-Sivas YHT Project is a big investment.

Saying that the investment is nearing the end, Governor Çakır said, “The end of the tunnel has now appeared. An investment of 13.2 billion liras. I would like to thank all of our state elders, workers and engineers who contributed here. Rail layings are in progress now. A double-sided rail was laid between Yerköy-Yozgat-Sorgun. It is also being furnished in Akdagmadeni district. 87 percent of the work is finished, and the rest will be completed in March 2020. Then test drives will begin. I hope our people will have the opportunity to travel by high-speed train after the test drives are over. ” said.

Governor Çakır explaining that when the line is completed, a great advantage will arise in terms of time. This project will make great contributions to the promotion of our city and to the formation of economic investments. I hope we will experience their beauty together when it ends. ” used expressions.

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