Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Railway

ankara istanbul high speed railway
ankara istanbul high speed railway

The Ankara-Istanbul high-speed railway is a partially opened high-speed railway between Ankara and Istanbul, where YHT service is provided. The targeted travel time is 533 hours (Haydarpaşa-Ankara). It was partially completed as of May 3, and trains can reach Pendik from Ankara in around 2016 hours (depending on the number of stops of the trip, it varies between 4h3min. And 50s4min.). The maximum speed of the trains can go up to 04 km / hour. Ankara-Eskişehir was opened to transportation in 250 and Eskişehir-Istanbul in 2009. Even Ankara, Sincan, Polatlı, Eskişehir, Bozüyük, Bilecik, Arifiye, İzmit, Gebze, Pendik, Bostancı, Söğütlüçeşme, Bakırköy and Halkalı 14 station. Bostanci, Sogutlucesme, Bakirkoy and Halkalı stations were put into service as integrated with Marmaray on March 12, 2019.

Travel times
Conventional Railway: 7 clock 50min. (Fatih Express) to 9 (Anatolian Express)
Highway: average 5,5 hours
High Speed ​​Railway: shortest 3 hours 50 min. (Year of 2016)
Targeted (when all parts and omissions are complete): 3 hours (Haydarpasa-Ankara)
Speed ​​railway project: 1,5 hours (Ankara-Halkalı)
High Speed ​​Train: The shortest 3 hour 50 min. (Year of 2016)

3 was delayed due to the firm's application to the judiciary which lost the tender year. It has been claimed that delays in the testing phase are caused by sabotages to the signaling line.

Underpass 122
Viaduct 21
Bridge 43
Excavation 32 million m³
Overpass 56
Grill 480
Tunnel 43
Filling 19 million m³
Revisions and incomplete cuts
Arifiye station will be bypassed with Doğançay ripage, since the speed of the high-speed train on the Geyve-Doğançay-Arifiye-Sapanca line will decrease to 80 km / h.

Due to the collapses and landslides experienced during the excavations in Tunel-26 site, the project route was necessarily changed in this area. As of today (19.06.2016), the tunnel is still not opened and its tender is expected to be made for supply works. During this period, the trains switch to the old railway between Tünel-28 and Tünel-27 of the high-speed railway and continue on their way by switching to the high-speed railway again at the point where Tünel-8 is located after about 25 km.

Doğançay ripage
The tender for the Doğançay ripage (22,9 km tunnel and viaduct) was launched on February 21, 2012. The financial envelopes of the companies participating in the tender were opened on March 29, 2012 and were given until the cancellation of the tender because the cost was incredibly large. In this section, trains switch to the old train line in Alifuatpaşa and return to the high-speed railway in Sapanca and continue on their way.

Speed ​​rail and Köseköy connection
The real high-speed railway segment of the project, which is currently partially completed and partially ongoing, ends in Köseköy. The trains use the renewed conventional train line to reach Istanbul. A second project (also called Speed ​​Railway) has been developed for future needs, congestion in Marmaray and for a faster train line. In this project, the maximum speed of the trains is planned to reach up to 350 km / hour, and the route will be Ankara-Ayaş tunnel-Çayırhan-Adapazarı-İzmit (North) -Pendik (North) -Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge-Third airport-Halkalı It is expected to be in the form. In addition, a connection is envisaged in Köseköy with the existing line.

The project consists of 10 Stages

Completed stages
Ankara-Sincan: 24 km (partly and not high-speed rail)
Sincan-Esenkent: 15 km
Esenkent-Eskisehir: 206 km
Eskişehir Railway Station
Eskisehir-Inonu: 30 km
İnönü-Vezirhan: 54 km (partly)
Vezirhan-Köseköy: 104 km (partly)
Köseköy-Gebze: 56 km (partly and not high-speed rail)
Gebze-Haydarpaşa: 44 km (partly and not high-speed railway)

Ongoing stages
Within the scope of Başkentray project, Ankara-Sincan line was renewed and operation speed was increased in this section.
Tunnel-26 location: 8 km
Doğançay ripage: 23 km
Arifiye-Pendik signaling and construction of the third line between İzmit and Gebze (usually for freight and regional trains)
Pendik-Haydarpasa within the scope of Marmaray: 24 km



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