Ankara EGO Inspectors Inspect Public Transport Vehicles in the Field

Ankara EGO Inspectors Inspect Public Transport Vehicles in the Field
Ankara EGO Inspectors Inspect Public Transport Vehicles in the Field

Meeting the majority of the capital's public transport needs, EGO General Directorate prioritized citizen satisfaction and increased field inspections for vehicles and vehicle drivers in order to increase the quality of public transport services.

EGO inspectors were also included in these inspections with a new application in addition to the officials who carried out inspections on public transport daily.


Nihat Alkaş, General Manager of EGO, stated that a special audit card was issued to the inspectors of the institutions that will use public transportation for this purpose and gave the following information:

GO Our EGO inspectors immediately report any faults they have detected on the vehicles to the relevant unit and ensure that problems are resolved in a short time. Every day we have the capacity to carry over 1 million 200 thousand passengers. EGO General Directorate has a implementing and supervisory role in public transportation. We are increasing cross-site inspections in order to provide fast, safe, quality and qualified public transportation services. ”


EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş stated that they have increased the control of EGO Buses, ANKARAY, Metro and Cable Car systems as well as Private Public Buses and Private Public Transportation vehicles. GO and their behavior is supervised by our inspectors. An inspector can take the public transport you are at any minute from any stop ”.

Stating that they aim to increase the quality standards and increase the level of satisfaction, Alkaş said, “We have increased the field inspections of all public transportation vehicles as an institution within the framework of both the social media shares and the demands of the passengers. EGO Inspectors can hear the audible warning sound when they get on public transport, hem he said.

Honorary Auditors

In addition to the internal auditors and EGO inspectors in the coming process, among the citizens also announced that they plan to select honorary auditors Alkas, the capital of the public transport vehicles will undertake the honorary inspection, he said.

Nihat Alkaş, General Manager of EGO, stated that the inspectors are responsible for the field inspections;

  • Compliance with traffic rules,
  • whether it fits the route or not,
  • The care he gives to his attire,
  • Whether you stop at the stops or not,
  • Behaviors and attitudes towards passengers
  • Interior and exterior cleaning of vehicles,
  • Whether the electronic systems in the vehicles are working or not,
  • Whether ramps are used for disabled citizens

in many areas of the audit said.


Passengers traveling by public transport within the body of EGO in urban transportation pointed out that the inspectors' inspections for drivers and vehicle failures further increased the service quality and shared their thoughts with these words:

-Hüseyin Ünlü said, “As the inspections become more frequent, the mistakes of your chauffeur friends will also be corrected and they will tidy up their movements. Citizens will be satisfied. I stand by all kinds of practices that are in the interest of the nation. We are satisfied with the activities so far. I hope there will be even more successful works.”

EvNevin Belen said, güzel It is nice that the drivers are being supervised. Our captain friends are very kind, very kind. They do not disturb their calm when there is a problem, but it still makes us feel better. ”

- Hasan Keles: ce We feel more secure when we see that the controls are increasing. We are pleased to see that our driver friends are more careful. ”

-Kutsi Güler: uz We are pleased with the EGO drivers. They are already standing at their stops, being polite to the citizen. Of course, the fact that they are inspected makes us feel nice and safer. ”

Günceleme: 31/10/2021 21:24

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