Let Ro-Ro Campaigns Start Again in Alsancak

alsancakta again ro ro flights begin
alsancakta again ro ro flights begin

IZMIR Chamber of Commerce (IZTO) Chairman of the Board of Directors Mahmut Özgener, “Ro-Ro services for the use of city traffic at night hours at the weekend. Their numbers are far below the container trucks. As the Chamber, we want to restart the Ro-Ro flights from Izmir Alsancak Port. ”

Özgener stated that they have been in intensive negotiations for the solution of the recent Ro-Ro transportation problem in Alsancak Port and they will visit Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure in the next week.

Ro Since August last year, Ro-Ro transportation has not been possible from Izmir Alsancak Port. The rationale was the UKOME decision taken last year. UKOME had decided to prepare the ground for the cancellation of Ro-Ro flights, citing the traffic density in the city center. However, for Ro-Ro services, trucks use city traffic during the weekend at night. Their numbers are also far below the container trucks. As the Chamber, we have made initiatives to re-launch Ro-Ro flights from Izmir Alsancak Port to Izmir Governorship and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. As a result of our efforts, 8 was revised at the UKOME meeting on August 2019. According to this; Ro-Ro flights were allowed to enter the trucks during non-peak hours of city traffic. Now, with this revised UKOME decision, we will launch our initiatives with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Next week we will visit our Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan. Our aim is to ensure that Izmir-Italy Ro-Ro transportation services are provided through both ports, Çeşme and İzmir Alsancak Port ”.


4 August 2019 as of the Izmir-Istanbul Highway, which entered service into the commercial life of Izmir and the city will provide positive contributions to the development of the Ozgener, the first stage of the highway to contribute to the reduction of Eid al-Adha traffic, he added. Özgener, the ongoing construction of the Izmir-Ankara High-Speed ​​Train Line, Izmir-Candarli Highway Project and Izmir Candarli Port, such as the completion of projects in the domestic and abroad of Izmir will strengthen much more, he said.

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