Rails Changed Between Akkopru Ivedik Metro Stations

Rails changed between Akköprü-Ivedik metro stations
Rails changed between Akköprü-Ivedik metro stations

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out meticulous work in order to meet the increasing public transportation needs of the capital city and to ensure their transportation more easily.

On the other hand, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has started bus services on new routes, performs maintenance and repair of existing metro and bus systems with its own facilities.


396 meter long rails worn between Ankara Metro Akköprü-İvedik stations have been successfully replaced by EGO General Directorate Rail Systems Department teams.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which works to use its resources more efficiently and effectively, has realized the rail change that was previously realized with outsourcing services for the first time with its own equipment and personnel.

Without external technical support 3-20 The rail replacement was completed in a short period of time between 02.00-05.30, which had no flights between July and July, without any interruption and delay in passenger transport.


According to EGO General Directorate data, 2018 million 33 thousand 24 passengers were transported between April and July of 431 in the Capital Metro; In the same period of the year 2019, this number increased by 5,38 percent and reached 34 million 802 thousand 451.

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