Train Will Pass Over Nature and Culture with a New Crazy Project

a new crazy project will train nature and culture over
a new crazy project will train nature and culture over

Final Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report of the Kayseri-Nevsehir-Aksaray-Konya-Antalya High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line, 10 was made in July positive decision of the EIA. The 4 + 607 kilometer line, which consists of 566 parts, will consume our cultural assets along with nature, life, water resources and fertile fields. In the project, there is 66 tunnel, 24 viaduct, 102 top, 391 underpass, 5 station. 9.7 will be completed to TL billion.

One day According to the news of Erk Acarer from the daily newspaper, a construction site will be established at 5 points in Antalya, Seydişehir, Konya, Aksaray and Avanos. Filling will be made on the floors. The excavation space will be in 7 places. Construction will take 4 years. Its purpose is to attract the attention of tourists in Antalya to other cities: “An alternative will be provided for millions of tourists, the foreign currency to be earned will increase, and Central Anatolia will be revived!”

These regions are not reported!
The first objection to the project came from the Municipality of Antalya İbradı, while the Vice President of the Contemporary Lawyers Association (ÇHD) and Antalya Bar Association lawyer Münip Ermiş said de A new environmental disaster ”. The report includes the Köprülü Canyon, Beyşehir Lake and the Kurşunlu Waterfall on the Antalya line. Ermiş says that a significant part of the line passes through İbradı, Ormana natural area, Altınbeşik National Park and Üzümdere as a protected area.

Starting from Antalya Expo Center, the line does not only harm these regions. Perge, Aspendos, Erimna ancient cities and Üzümdere wildlife conservation area are located on the route up west of Manavgat River. Starting from the port of Antalya, following the Western ring road, passing through the forests of Düzlerçamı and connecting to Bucak-Burdur; Termossos ancient city and Düzlerçamı forests, which is the homeland of fallow deer is the Wildlife Protection Area. The report includes scandalous statements about damage to wild animals. "They will avoid coming here." Lawyer Ermiş, "Bear, deer, mountain goats, foxes, wolves if you have a mind to avoid 'they say." However, with the marble quarries and hydroelectric power plants (HEPP), living things in the region do not have any places to go!

Viaducts will pass through the valleys. 12 The Taurus Mountains, the endemic species of the European country, will also be pierced and dynamites will be detonated. In other words, the project will not only irreversibly damage ancient cities, green areas, water resources and wildlife, but also endemic species.

Not only Antalya
The line opens to Burdur from the Çubuk Strait Protection Area. Isparta, Sütçüler, Konya, Beyşehir, Meram, Selçuklu and Aksaray reach Eskil. Nevsehir, Acıgöl, Avanos, Urgup and Kayseri, Incesu and Kocasinan district passes over. Like Konya Meram, Nevşehir, Göreme-Cappadocia are at risk. The government defends every “crazy project ile with EIA. However, Encon Environmental Consultancy Company prepares every report to consume nature, history and cultural heritage. It should also be noted that changes have been made to the 1 / 100.000 scale landscaping plans in order to receive an EIA positive report.

YHT project on the "main objective", remove the treasures of Turkey's market, to provide job opportunity to get to know the contractor and rant! Let's explain with examples. The line is also intended to connect to other cities. There are 17 companies including Kolin in the tender of the line connecting Yerköy, Kayseri and Ankara.

The excuse for the train, the hotel is scrumptious!
Again in the EIA report, remarkable statements regarding Antalya Burdur, Isparta plan are mentioned: X 1 in Manavgat, Serik, Korkuteli, Gölhisar, Karamanlı, Yeşilova and Bucak districts of these provinces. and 2. to achieve balanced growth by creating service focal points of magnitude derece ”Meaning; hotel and construction.

The entire planning region in the project has been transferred to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization with the Decree Law (644). Municipalities have no say. The information meeting of the project, whose report was received in 10 July, was held in 27 July. The fields are also under the scope of expropriation. The villagers were deceived by saying, “The line will economically prosper you”. But he won't stop in the villages!

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