KARDEMİR had his own record Egal, Turkey's thick coil was produced

The thick coil has produced its own record he equaled the turkiyenin
The thick coil has produced its own record he equaled the turkiyenin

The variety of products with production capacity also increases with each passing day KARDEMİR, today held its thick coils of steel production in Turkey for the first time 56 mm in diameter. In the first quarter of the year, KARDEMİR increased its thick coil production up to 52 mm diameter, thus reaching its own record. Heavy sections, rails and railway wheel production which is the only national brand in Turkey's Kardemir, Turkey was the only manufacturer in the production of thick coils.

KARDEMİR, which also produces steel qualities for the automotive sector in the Çubuk Kangal Production Facilities, which was commissioned in 2016, rolled up its sleeves for steel production for the defense industry in the same facility. General Manager of our company, Dr. Sayer said that they are rapidly increasing the variety of steel produced in the facility and that they are working to supply steel to different sectors with new trials every day. Hüseyin Soykan, 54 and 56 mm diameter thick coils produced as a result of these efforts, he said.

Making evaluations about the production, KARDEMİR General Manager Dr. Hüseyin Soykan said, “With the vision and support of our Board of Directors for the new product development strategy, we are trying to develop steel grades in a way that will provide more competitive advantage. The production of thick coils with 54 and 56 mm diameters carried out today is also a result of these efforts. In our country, there is a production of coils up to 28 mm in diameter, and all diameters above this are covered by imports. We are experiencing the pride, excitement and happiness of producing a new product that is not produced in our country and offering it to the Turkish industry. On behalf of all our employees, we would like to thank our Board of Directors for providing us with every opportunity for the realization of this production. As Kardemir, we increased the production in this form up to 52 mm diameter a few months ago. Our goal was to go up to 55 mm in diameter. Our friends exceeded this target and added a new product to our industry. kazanthey nagged. First of all, I would like to congratulate all my employees. Salute to their efforts, sweat of their brow, sweat of mind. We will mainly present this new production to the use of the machinery manufacturing sector. In addition, we plan to produce steel grades for the automotive industry sector of this scale. Thus, we will expand our domestic market. We know that our export potential in this scale is high. I would like to express that export markets will also be our focus. Good luck to our country's industry," he said.

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