The Presence of the Rescue Tug in the TRNC is an Indication of the Right to Speak in the Eastern Mediterranean

The existence of the ship-saving trailer in Cyprus is indicative of the right to speak in the eastern Mediterranean.
The existence of the ship-saving trailer in Cyprus is indicative of the right to speak in the eastern Mediterranean.

Minister Turhan, TRNC Minister of Public Works and Transportation in a statement before the meeting with Tolga Atakan, 20 July Peace and Freedom Day in the last event with them on the island reminiscent of the ship recalled on the occasion of recalled.

This magnificent ship of Northern Cyprus Turhan voicing an indicator of the right to speak in the presence of the Eastern Mediterranean in the Turkish Republic of Turkey in the development initiative held in TRNC in recent years with the support and reported that it depends on everyone's economic growth proud.

Stressing that the steps to be taken in the transportation and communication fields, which are among the leading sectors in order to make the development in the economy permanent, are very important:

“I would like to take this opportunity to say that we are always ready to make every effort in all matters that fall within our scope of duty. It should be our common goal to go further than the current situation and to double the national income per capita by turning the TRNC into a center of attraction in the Eastern Mediterranean during the next 10 year. Turkey is the Turkish Cypriot people have the stability required in this regard. "

Turhan, Turkey Turkish Cypriots in peace, prosperity, ensuring the development and security, to do its part to protect the law, then that as far noting also will continue, the Greek Cypriot administration to the unilateral hydrocarbon activities in the Eastern Mediterranean he said that he posed a threat to the region and that he would not be allowed to do so on every occasion.

Drilling vessels Fatih and Yavuz, as well as the seismic research ship Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha's recent activities, the rights of the country and the Turkish Cypriot people to protect the rights and interests of the will put forward without any doubt expressed Turhan, dördüncü In the forthcoming period, the fourth ship Oruç Reis will be transferred to the region. In this context, I would like to emphasize that the response of the international community, especially the EU, will not affect our determination on this issue. ”

Turhan said that the ministry should continue to support the TRNC in the future as it did in the past.

“TRNC is the unshakable castle of the Turkish nation in the Eastern Mediterranean”

Atakan also from continuing and in the near future planned projects in particular ministries of TRNC cooperation with Turkey by expressing the stronger will become the world's eyes in the eastern Mediterranean is above the kktc'siz and never ended without Turkey was permitting he said.

Turkey and the TRNC's rights and do not have their interests considered to be voicing finding life any scenario Atakan, it is the basis of cooperation between Turkey and the TRNC, brotherhood, friendship and continued until today and it was never noted that the union will not end.

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