Increases Air Conditioning and Open Door Control for Mersin Minibuses

increased air conditioning and open door control in Mersin
increased air conditioning and open door control in Mersin

📩 15/04/2020 12:19

In the summer days when the heat is intensely felt in Mersin, the citizens of the Directorate of Municipal Police Department of the Municipal Police Inspection Department, which frequently makes routine controls in order to ensure the comfortable transportation and safety of the citizens in public transport vehicles, continue their inspections. While the fixed teams continue their checks at the stops in many points of the city, the indeki mobile application seyir controls the public transportation vehicles connected to the cooperatives.

Strict supervision from police teams

With the use of air conditioners in public transportation vehicles in Mersin since May, when the heat began to be felt, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to increase its continuous and routine inspections in order to prevent the citizens from suffering.

Yaşar İşhanı Stop along with different points, performing a sensitive control over the air conditioners in public transport vehicles connected to the cooperatives, air conditioning control, as well as drivers' costume-clothes, vehicle cleaning, exaggerated and non-original vehicle accessories inspection. Teams, identified the flaws carried out the process of vehicle drivers.

“Moving application denetim controls in progress

With the sık mobile application Ekip, the teams have also made frequent inspections of public transportation vehicles connected to cooperatives. Mobile teams stop the public transportation vehicles that provide transportation through open doors while they are carrying out the necessary operations, and they carry out detailed inspections on the use of telephone during the journey, red light violation and unnecessary klaxon usage.

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