Gulf Transport and Stadler There was agreement to Turkey's First Hybrid Locomotives

Gulf Transportation and stadiums turkiyenin first hybrid locomotives would have to be agreement on the
Gulf Transportation and stadiums turkiyenin first hybrid locomotives would have to be agreement on the

📩 12/11/2020 11:10

Tüpraş's subsidiary in rail transport, Körfez Transportation signed an agreement with Stadler, the Swiss railway vehicle manufacturer, for seven hybrid locomotives of the EURODUAL type. including the maintenance agreement for eight years, Stadler has the distinction of being the first cooperation in Turkey's market. Gulf Transportation locomotives will take delivery in 2021.

Turkey's largest industrial enterprise Tupras railway Gulf subsidiary of freight transportation, the Swiss rail vehicle manufacturer Stadler with EURODUAL types in seven co'co 'hybrid locomotives and 8-year spare parts and signed agreements to full service care. Stadler cooperation under this agreement, the first of the locomotives is scheduled to be delivered in Turkey in 2021. With this cooperation, Körfez Transport will realize the most comprehensive locomotive purchase to date.

Mr. Tufan Başarır, General Manager of Körfez Transportation expressed his happiness from the agreement signed with Stadler, one of the most respected players in the railway sector; Uz We are rapidly expanding our resources to increase our share in the rail freight transport market. We made this deal with Stadler, means a private sector company first railway locomotive imports to Turkey. The inclusion of powerful EURODUAL locomotives in our fleet will support our rail operations and help us to stand out strongly in the competition. ”
The Stadler Valencia General Manager Iñigo Parra, the benefits of the new platform, noting the importance of the project stressed the following words: "We are proud to support the market EURODUAL locomotives in Turkey and we are grateful to the trust of our customers. This agreement further strengthens our commitment to the development of a new family of locomotives that provide railway operators with many economic and environmental benefits. ”

Turkey's first hybrid locomotives

Locomotives to be used in freight transportation services by combining both 25 kV AC electric and diesel operating modes on high slope lines where strong traction is required; Turkey will also be the first hybrid locomotives. 2000 will be used to attract fuel trains up to tons EURODUAL type locomotives will also increase operational efficiency of Körfez Transportation. EURODUAL; With 2,8 MW diesel-electric and 6,15 MW electric-catenary power, the 6 axle and the state-of-the-art drive control system can deliver exceptional traction up to 500 kN.

With the agreement signed with Gulf Transportation, the total sales amount of the new generation Co'Co 'locomotives developed and produced by Stadler Valencia has reached 74 units.

Gulf Transport Co., two years ago he began to TCDD mainline freight rail transport in the license, in Turkey's first private railway operator position.

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