BCCI, 'Strong Turkey' to move the Joint Intelligence Continues

BCCI powerful moves the turkey on the public mind continues
BCCI powerful moves the turkey on the public mind continues

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), Erzincan city protocol and Corlu hosted business representatives. Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which has signed a fraternity protocol with the Erzincan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has realized a new strategic cooperation with the Çorlu TSO in the Marmara Basin.

BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay and Parliament Speaker Ali Uğur hosted the delegation, Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat, Erzincan Governor Ali Arslantaş, Erzincan Mayor Bekir Aksun, Erzincan TSO President Ahmet Tanoğlu, Çorlu TSO President İzzet Volkan and Erdem Noyan took part. During the visit, Bursa deputy Mustafa Esgin and Erzincan deputy Suleyman Karaman were also present. Within the scope of the program realized in BTSO Service Building, investment opportunities and cooperation opportunities in Erzincan were explained first.

Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat in his speech, the development level of the countries to be balanced; urbanization problems, he said. Stating that Erzincan is a prominent city ready to take investment, Governor Canbolat said, “This visit will provide new cooperation between Bursa and Erzincan.”


Erzincan Governor Ali Arslantaş stated that Erzincan did not get enough investment despite the appropriate incentive practices and said, imiz Our city is 6. a city where regional incentives are applied. Erzincan is also a horizontal urbanization; It is the most prepared in the earthquake in Turkey. Our OIZ is a mixed OIZ. We have the capacity to invest in every sector. We want our business representatives to always keep Erzincan on their agenda for investment. ” Bekir Aksun Mayor of Erzincan thanked BTSO for hosting.


Bursa Deputy Mustafa Esgin, which has many different aspects of Bursa, said that the city of commerce and economy. Esgin stated that the mega projects in Bursa, which have a high energy, add value to the city.


Erzincan Deputy Süleyman Karaman stated that everything is ready for investors in Erzincan and said, iz We are a city that has solved the transportation problem. We want to welcome all our business people who want to invest in our city. ”


BCCI Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, Bursa as well as sample projects with the signature dispose of strategic alliances said they continued to be a model for Turkey's development initiative. Common mind dominated by Bursa BCCI's leadership, the first qualified employment, value-added production and export-oriented record that they bear a strong future with projects that President Burkay, "many projects that role model Turkey BCCI finally 6 years we have implemented. TEKNOSAB, SME OSB, BUTEKOM, and projects like the Model Factory GUHE our'm not only in Bursa and the region, including Turkey's symbol among projects in the transition to a new industrial revolution. "He said.


Cities and regions of the directions given by the new ecosystem, the President stated that they aim to provide the highest contribution to Turkey's growth target Burkay, "ancient Anatolian our city investment power with Bursa's knowledge and experience in the development of Erzincan, we called one to implement the regional development approach. As BTSO, we have added a new one to our strategic cooperation protocols in our region. Çorlu is one of the fastest growing regions in our country. Strategic cooperation will further enhance the leadership role of the Marmara Basin in our country goals. ”.

BCCI Assembly President Ali Ugur, all economic indicators in the country of Bursa, who managed to rise above the average that the vision of the project will move to Turkey target also addresses become, said: "production experience in different sectors and accumulations by having a special position in the national economy Bursa, information and by sharing its experiences with other cities, it will continue to contribute to sustainable economic and social development. ”


After the speeches, firstly, the fraternity protocol was realized between BTSO and Erzincan TSO. The protocol was signed by BTSO President İbrahim Burkay and Erzincan TSO President Ahmet Tanoğlu. Çorlu and Bursa, one of the most important production centers in the Marmara Basin, also documented their strategic cooperation. The protocol was signed by BTSO President İbrahim Burkay and Parliament Speaker Ali Uğur and Çorlu TSO President İzzet Volkan and Çorlu TSO Parliament Speaker Erdim Noyan.


BTSO August Assembly Meeting was held in the Room Service Building. BCCI Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Ismail Bird Speaking at the meeting, "the example we create with Turkey's largest trade and industry as a collaborative whole dynamic of our country, our city 2023, 2053 and 2071 We are moving confidently towards targets. We will carry our country shoulder to shoulder with the development move starting from cities. ”

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