11th Leg of FIA World Rally Championship will be held in Muğla

fia rally world championship
fia rally world championship

2019 FIA World Rally Championship's 11. Turkey leg of Rally, held between September 12-15 centered around the Muğla Marmaris Turkey by the Federation of Automobile Sports. This year, the event, which has the feature of en the biggest sports organization to be hosted by our country,, will watch the world-famous pilots throughout the day and experience exciting moments in the region where green and blue meet.

With the contributions of Muğla Governorship, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, Marmaris Municipality, General Directorate of Highways, General Directorate of Forestry and Marmaris Chamber of Commerce, Sports Toto, Avis, Grand Yazıcı Hotels Marmaris, TURSAB, Go İpragaz, Türk Telekom, AutoMechanica, Pilotcar, PowerApp, Socar, Autoclub, The 988.50 kilometer-long 310 will be the scene of a great competition in the special stage at the rally 17 kilometer course sponsored by Turk Yatch, Phaselis and Ahu Hospital.

The track, which was used at 2018 and was highly appreciated by both the competitors and the authorities, made a few minor changes this year. These changes include 10 on Saturday. and 13. The stage includes the addition of the 17 km Kizlan stage, which offers a spectacular view, and the Çiçekli stage, which passes from Friday to Sunday and will be crossed in the opposite direction from 2018.

The shuttle park will once again be located on the top of Asparan, which is very close to the center of Marmaris.

The teams will start the organization by finalizing their vehicles in the short shakededown stage at Değirmanyanı on 12 September Thursday. 12 The ceremonial start to be held in Marmaris Marina on Thursday evening in September and the special stage of the two-kilometer audience in the city center watched by 50bin person's breath last year will fascinate thousands again.

Teams on Friday İçmelerStarting with the 24.80 km stage in Turkey, they will move to Çetibeli, the longest stage of the rally with a total of 38.15 km, with some changes compared to last year. Finally, the 16.57 km Ula stage will be passed on Friday and the teams will finish the day at Asparan by repeating these three special stages in the afternoon after maintenance and replenishment at the service park.

On Saturday, 14 will have six stages in total. Day 33 km. length of the Yeşilbelde stage, and then will continue with the 8.75 km Datça stage. The teams will compete in the Maiden stage before returning to the service area in Asparan. The new special stage Kizlan, which was added this year, will present a visual feast to the audience, especially with the successive jumping points in the first kilometers. These three special stages will be repeated on Saturday afternoon.

15 On Sunday in September, two 7.22 km Marmaris stages will be passed and the second one will be the power stage. With the 11.32 km Gökçe and 13.20 km Çiçekli stage, which will be held on the same day, the last day of the rally will offer a challenging challenge to the teams.

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