Yahya Is Not Against The Captain's Tram

Yahya is not against the captain tram
Yahya is not against the captain tram

Remzi Özkan, the chairman of the CHP İzmit Yahya Captain Neighborhood Assembly, said about the recent tension in the neighborhood, “We are not against the tram. All our aim is to ensure the preservation of greenery as well as the realization of the transportation solution ”

the ÖzgürkocaelAccording to the report of Cemalettin OZTURK; “Izmit Yahya Kaptan Neighborhood in the wooded area of ​​the alleged tram line to the residents of the neighborhood, last week, the tram was alleged to pass the picnic in the wooded area showed reaction. The CHP Neighborhood Assembly was also involved in the trolley debate in the neighborhood. The previous evening, the CHP met with the representative of the Captain of the CHP Metropolitan Municipality Assembly members, informed the neighborhood council members. Remzi Özkan, who made a statement after the meeting, stated that they are not against the tram and said, “Our aim is to ensure the protection of greenery and nature as well as the realization of the transportation solution”.

CHP Yahya Captain Neighborhood Assembly Speaker Remzi Ozkan, said in a written statement:
“During the meeting held with the participation of our CHP Metropolitan Municipality Councilors Orhan Tanış and Mustafa Zengin, evaluations were made on the route that the additional line of the tramway will follow. Our local councilors were informed by our municipal councilors. In the light of the evaluations and with the suggestion of our municipal councilors, the new line will go east to the existing bus terminal covering Yuvam Akarca, Alikahya and Kocaeli Stadium. will be provided konuş

Captain Yahya, the district should move with a name that historically, as well as hosting and positioned by greenery and Ozkan said that Turkey's most beautiful tree-lined neighborhood, he continued as follows; “Unfortunately, all these beauties have not been properly preserved by our city managers. An extraordinary density is loaded on the back of our neighborhood. 10 thousand students come to Yahya Kaptan from other districts and neighborhoods and they are studying in the schools there. In order to serve this density, shopping malls and surrounding zoning loots have caused discomfort. Our neighborhood has an elderly population which is different from all neighborhoods. On the other hand, no cost-effective facilities have been built for these elderly citizens to socialize, have fun and spend time. ”

Özkan, the elderly population in the neighborhood by drawing attention to more, the last period managers do not give the necessary value and importance of the neighborhood, said the social facilities were left incomplete. Özkan said, “Just like in the other neighborhoods, the eye of the retirees was painted with a neighborhood mansion with 2 rooms. We know that our mayor, Fatma Kaplan Hürriyet, has very valuable projects for the elderly residents of our neighborhood. Even knowing this has been hope for our elderly and retirees. We would like to remind you that we are residents of a neighborhood where 15 has not received any service for years. We are waiting for the services of our Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Fatma Kaplan Hürriyet and our Mayor of Izmit for a more livable Yahya Kaptan Quarter. We hope that this will happen Yeni.

Özkan also stated that they are not against the tram in the Neighborhood Assembly and stated that they are never against the tram with modern transportation and said: kan Captain of Yahya is never against the tram. All our aim is to ensure the protection of greenery and nature as well as the transportation solution. We believe that our suggestions are more rational and economical than the circulating information. Yahya Captain Quarter has been able to live together in peace without any political party differences, and will continue to do so. Our Mayor of Izmit Fatma Kaplan is the hope of our future with its enthusiasm, hard work and vision. Ya We believe that Captain Yahya will always be with us and ahead of us regarding this problem. ”

Özkan who expressed that they are next to the Metropolitan Municipality as a CHP about the tram, completed his words as follows; “Our CHP provincial chairman, Izmit district president, all municipal councilors are with us and the Metropolitan Municipality. We also believe that the sensitivity of all Kocaeli will be with us. We will never allow Yahya Kaptan to be the terminal of Izmit traffic between districts. We are ready for any kind of compromise in the public interest and we will not accept any fate. Land

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