Yahya Captain People 'We Don't Want to Cut Trees for the Tram'

yahya captain people do not want to cut the tree for the tram
yahya captain people do not want to cut the tree for the tram

Yahya Captain People 'We Do Not Want to Cut Trees for the Tram'. On the new route of Akçaray to be implemented in Yahya Kaptan region, the residents who do not want to cut down the trees came together and called out to the metropolitan municipality.

The second stage of the tram passes through the walking path used by the inhabitants of the region, and the residents react to the fact that some of the trees in the region will be cut down. Yahya Kaptanlılar picnic under the trees with the slogan kap Grab your breakfast and thermos gel to draw attention to the new tram route. Yahya Captain Mukhtar Mukhtar Ahmet Mirzaoğlu, CHP Metropolitan Municipality Councilor Ünal Özmural, GOOD Party Izmit District President Pelin Coþl Filiz, CHP Provincial Board Member Naim Keskin, Yahya Captain We all joined the platform and residents of the neighborhood. Kocaeli Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, Chamber of Environmental Engineers, KOHAYDER, Kocaeli Representative of Cyclists Association and Medical Chamber supported the event.

Speaking on behalf of the people of the neighborhood, Umut Buyruk said, “This is a Yahya Captain issue, not a tram issue. This is not a resistance. We are a formation for the protection of our living spaces, green spaces and areas where our children play. The effects of the tram planned in this area are unpredictable. Izmit people saw this. We're not against rail transport. The problem here is the impact on our living space. ”

Ruk This is the area between the Symbol Mall and Yahya Kaptan, Buy Buyruk said. “We are against the tram passing through the green area. On the lower side there is the 2 street where the tram is planned to pass but there are technical problems as well. We will discuss the matter with the municipality and share it with the press. Here are the 1-2 row trees on the 6-7 kilometer road. Cutting down the tree near 500 is in question ”.

SA Without compromise, there will be resistance ”
Ruk This is already the edge of the D-100 highway. Exhaust gases from vehicles passing here pollute the air. We have some comfort in this wooded area. These areas should be preserved. We're not against the tram. This is the area for cyclists, players and hiking people. We are against making the application without our opinion. No project in Kocaeli should harm the tree. If there is no consensus in the coming process, resistance will take place here. Sonlandır

Speaking after a citizen named Umut Buyruk, CHP Metropolitan Municipality Councilor Ünal Özmural underlined that Yahya Kaptan is one of Izmit's brand locations and said, Kaptan Captain Yahya's planning was done very well. Green field application is much more than TOKI applications. This creates space for us. The fact that the metropolitan municipality has planned 3 routes shows that they are not planned. These routes should have been planned years ago. ”

“Nothing that Yahya Captain doesn't want can't pass through here, Öz said Özmural.“ We will follow the matter in parliament. Nobody's against the tram. The metropolitan municipality could not provide a solution to the city in its master plan. Kocaeli loved the tram but there are spots to be arranged. The message is clear. We appeal to the mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality: Yahya should not interfere with the living spaces of the Captains. T

“This area should NOT be massacred KAT
CHP Metropolitan Municipality Councilor Unal Özmural'ın then addressed to the neighborhood gathered in the green area, Yahya Kaptan Neighborhood Mukhtar Ahmet Mirzaoğlu, “There is a route that can not be explained with reason and conscience. We will continue to follow the issue. I asked the Metropolitan Mayor for an appointment. I'il give him information. Such an area should not be massacred, ”he said. (the özgürkocael)

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