Azerbaijan's Wagons to be Produced in TUDEMSAS

wagons of azerbaijan will be produced in tudemsasda
wagons of azerbaijan will be produced in tudemsasda

Azerbaijan 36 has produced two freight wagons prototypes for TÜDEMSAŞ for a million dollar order. Başoğlu said that the tests were completed successfully and said, iz We will produce 600 wagons ”

According to the news of Sabah Feride Cem; "Turkey and Azerbaijan in Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) partners came up with the freight railway line started in freight wagon Details of production appeared. Azerbaijan, which still meets the wagon needs from Russia, has taken action for joint production with Turkish companies. The prominent company in this context was TÜDEMSAŞ which was established to produce freight wagons in Sivas at 1939. It is learned that the total amount of 600 vagoluk order, which is expected to become clear in a short time, is 36 million dollars.

The company's 150 domestic and national freight wagons carry cargo on the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line. TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Mehmet Başoğlu said that the work they have done about the order has come to an end and gave the following information about the process: “Azerbaijan's railway and tunnel widths are different from ours. Our current production does not fit their rails. For this reason, EA type wagons used by them were brought to our facilities. As a result of one month of intensive work, we did a solid model study. We made two prototypes by conducting R & D studies for the wagon to work on the lines of two countries. Tests gave positive results. We will add the necessary equipment and make deliveries. After the delivery, we are waiting for the order. Söyleyen Başoğlu said that they have serious knowledge about wagon production and that their annual production capacity is 700. Başoğlu said that they would respond to the demand by making double shift production if they received the order and explained that they provided direct employment to a thousand 150 people. Basoglu, the order will also contribute to the new employment, he said. Basoglu said that the national wagon project had a domestic percentage of 90, and that the total production rate was 70.

Başdoğlu said that a delegation from Azerbaijan Railways visited the facilities and said, gidip We went to the invitation and made a presentation to the Ministry of Transport. We explained our technical capacity and the superior capabilities of our factory. They offered a joint production Turkey, together with investment in factories on the agenda. As a company, we are ready to provide all kinds of support and partnership to a partnership that will develop ”.

Reminding that rail transportation is encouraged all over the world, Mehmet Başoğlu stated that they have delivered 8 wagons to Austrian Railways and that the 112 wagon they have ordered is continuing to be produced. Başoğlu gave information that they will make 120 wagons for the needs of American logistics company Gatx in Europe and said that they will produce 150 wagons with 80 feet.

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