Vosvos Add Wealth to Ordu

vosvos add wealth to the army
vosvos add wealth to the army

Gathering in Ordu within the scope of the 15th Vosvos Festival, vosvos enthusiasts gathered on the 4th day of the festivity at Cape Yason, where the "Legend of Argonaut" took place during the Eastern Roman Empire, 3 years ago. The vosvos, which set out here in convoy, are in front of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. Mehmet Hilmi Güler hosted.

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. Vojvos, said that the enthusiasts contributed to the promotion of Ordu. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, v We have embraced the lovers of voices from all over our country. We will try to show you our Army hospitality as best we can. I cannot thank you enough for adding wealth to Ordu with these beauties ”.

Mayor Güler said that the vosvos that came together within the scope of the festival brought beauty to the beauty of the Army and said: You have added beauty to the waterfalls, plateaus, obas, canyons and sea of ​​Ordu with colorful vosvos. I especially thank you for that. We tried to entertain you in our beautiful Ünye. Not only our Altinordu but also our Ünye, Aybastı, Çaybaşı and all our districts are camping sites for you. You can camp anywhere you want. You're very special to us. You can organize your camp wherever you want without any hesitation. You can relieve all the stresses in these camps. As tourism ambassadors, we must spread these beauties all over the world. Ordu Bergama is a city with historical beauties such as Ephesus. Historical monuments here offer great services to tourism. We're gonna break history. Our Vosvos will go to Çambaşı Plateau from here. Ordu is a city of obalar. They will be staying at Çelikkıran Obası in Çambaşı. Here they will do photo safari and mountain hiking. Then they will go to Susuz Obası and Köse Obası. Then you will see the Gerce Waterfall. We will try to show you our hospitality here as much as we can. I cannot thank you enough for adding wealth to Ordu with these beauties. I offer respect to all of you ”.

Şükrü Odabaş, President of Ordu Vosvos Club, said, um I am very happy to be able to sign today. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who gave us directives, Hilmi Güler, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who opened their doors and hosted us here. I want to make Çınarsuyu the most beautiful place for public and become a place frequented by caravans, vosvos and cyclists. I am very happy to be able to serve you. ”

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