Vivarail Battery Powered Train Wins Environment Award

vivarail aculu railway wins environmental award
vivarail aculu railway wins environmental award

Vivarail's converted Class 320 cordless train and fast charging system won the Rail Industry Innovation Environment Award.

Vivarail, a large industrial organization, is proud to be known for its work. Vivarail is not only a battery-powered train, but also allows trains to run on non-electric railways. Vivarail reduces waste and saves energy.

Of course, although battery trains are not new and the technology itself has been proven, its limited range and charging speed have made them largely useless. Until now!

The Vivarail Class 230 can go 60 miles without recharging. Also, it takes only 10 minutes to charge the battery. Another smart feature is that the train can be fitted with range expanders, ie a pantograph, generator or fuel cells.

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