Varsak Bus Terminal Will Carry Passengers in August

bus station will carry passengers in August
bus station will carry passengers in August

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, 3. Stage Rail System Varsak-Otogar Line sandbag test drives started. After the completion of the safety tests, it is planned to start passenger flights on the Varsak-Otogar line.

3, which was opened before the tests were completed and then the flights were stopped. Stage Rail System Varsak Bus Station has been completed to a large extent test work to eliminate deficiencies. As part of the safety tests, the test drive was started with sandbags before the tram started to carry passengers. Following the successful completion of the tests, the tram is expected to begin carrying passengers in August.

3, which starts to carry passengers before the completion of the tests required to serve in the public interest. The 28 separate test, which started with the instruction of the Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Böcek on the Stage Rail System Varsak-Bus Station Line, was largely completed. In this context, prototype test, production test, post-assembly tests, acceptance tests, system tests, integration and interface operation tests, and security tests were successfully performed. Finally, 20 ton sandbags are loaded on the tram cars under the safety tests and the compliance of the power transmission lines, trams and rails is tested.

bus terminal will carry passengers in August
bus terminal will carry passengers in August

29 has started to run in the scope of ”test operation V in July, and the test drive will continue uninterrupted until the required operational performance of Varsak-Otogar line is achieved. Following the test drives of the tram, it is planned to start carrying passengers in August.

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