Unauthorized Revision of Narlıdere Subway

unauthorized revision of narlidere subway construction
unauthorized revision of narlidere subway construction

The revisions of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the construction of Narlidere Metro drew attention. SABAH revised that the revision was done without the approval of the Ministry of Transport

(SabahAccording to the news of Ercan Gürcaner; Bilgi The information and documents he reached about Narlıdere Metro fell like a bomb to the public in İzmir. CHP'lı İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's Narlıdere Metro 7.2 kilometer length by going to the revision, the 7 station to be built turned into a bird. The volume of stations decreased by 25 to 75 percent. Within the scope of the revision, the cancellation of many constructions such as parking, escalators and elevators took the honey of the contractor firm.

It reached another detail that attracted attention about the Metro. It was revealed that the changes made by the Metropolitan had been made without the approval of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. This was interpreted as a scandal. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality laid the foundation of Narlıdere Metro in June last year. Construction tender of Narlıdere Metro, Karşıyaka and Konak Tramvay projects, Gülermak Heavy Industry Construction and Contracting Company won. Contract was signed between İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and the contractor firm on 4 June 2018. Then the place was delivered.

1 billion 27 million pounds tender to the company is expected to end in December 2021'de work. According to the procedure, the contracting authority had to approve the project from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and the General Directorate of Project Infrastructure before submission to such subway works tenders. In order to get the tender of the metro, the project was approved both by the ministry and the general directorate of infrastructure. The tender was carried out on the project approved by the ministry and general directorate.

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