National UMKE Exercise Continues in Malatya

national umke exercise continues in malatyada
national umke exercise continues in malatyada

Malatya Governor Aydin Barus, Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Emergency Medical Services, the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) member 81 that more than twenty representatives of foreign countries and the World Health Organization attended the European and 8 provinces UMKE staff Turkey with senior staff from the office. He visited the camp site established at the Sugar Factory campus for the National UMKE Exercise and made observations.

Provincial Health Director Assoc. Dr. Recep Bentli, 22 UMKE, 27 support personnel, 500 fully equipped UMKE vehicle, 36 fully equipped ambulance, 79 mobile command vehicle, 29 service vehicle, 9 service vehicle, intervention from other stakeholder institutions and organizations. teams, Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) and World Health Organization (WHO) representatives will participate, 10 different stages of the exercise will be carried out through an earthquake scenario, Sugar Factory in the area, falling from the high wounded will intervene, chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear hazardous substances Rescue of the remaining individuals, train accident in the State Railways Operation Directorate, medical rescue and medical evacuation will be done by helicopter in Levent Canyon, multiple traffic accidents on the side road of Beylerderesi Viaduct, Malatya Training and Research Hospital patient evacuation scenario on Mount Dağı Campus Beydağı neighborhood injured wreckage scenarios gave information.

Also due to be in Turkey's earthquake drill earthquake due to the scope arrival may be events that prepared emergency situations for emergency and disaster health services in the first 72 hours also camping area which aimed to evaluate the effectiveness at the national level, EMT Role 2 standards in their daily 100 standing, can provide treatment to inpatients 50 surgery Initiative and minimum 14 days with their own capacity to provide services without the need of external, triage, emergency resuscitation units, laboratory and X-ray services are provided, where the services will try to serve with a 'Sahara Hospital' information was given.

Governor Baruş visited UMKE Exercise Area established in the Sugar Factory campus; He congratulated all the staff involved in the exercise by expressing that these exercises and studies made here are very meaningful in terms of showing that we are ready to intervene in the extraordinary situations that will be experienced at home or abroad.

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